Business Licenses

Welcome to the City of Flagstaff Business Licensing Program

The Business Licensing Program is responsible for:

  • Licensing local businesses
  • Coordinating efforts with code enforcement for business compliance
  • Providing statistical information for city management and the community

License Information

A business license is required for each permanent business location in the City, unless you are exempt. Permanent means you are operating from this site 45 days or more within a calendar year. A business license is also required for any temporary business locations or transient merchant activities within the City, unless you are exempt. See complete list of exemptions

License Applications

Please complete the application from the following choices and mail to the City of Flagstaff along with the appropriate license fee to begin the licensing process. If you are operating this business from your home within the City of Flagstaff City limits, also complete the 'Application for Home Occupation Permit'.

City of Flagstaff
Business Licensing
211 W Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Online Renewal Payment

Online Renewal Payment

For additional information or questions on how to apply for a new business license or to renew your business license, please contact us at 928-213-2231 or email solutions.

Useful Links for Businesses

For additional information about starting, operating and growing a business, visit the Arizona Commerce Authority website. Their free online Checklist Program is designed to help you easily navigate information on what you need to know, who you need to contact and where you need to go to license your business in Arizona. It also includes contact information for statewide resources and assistance to accelerate your business growth.