Minimum Wage

Current Minimum Wage

Flagstaff's minimum wage is currently $16.80 per hour.

Flagstaff's tipped minimum wage is currently $14.80 per hour.

Effective each year on January 1, the hourly minimum wage will be adjusted according to the multi-year table shown.

YearHourly Minimum WageHourly Tipped Minimum Wage
2025To Be Determined by Consumer Price Index (CPI)*
$1.00 less than the Hourly Minimum Wage
2026 and afterwardSame as Hourly Minimum Wage

*Or $2.00 above the State of Arizona minimum wage, whichever is higher


At the 2016 General Election, the people of Flagstaff passed Proposition 414 - “The Minimum Wage Act” - with the goal of providing a livable minimum wage for Flagstaff workers and achieving a $15 per hour minimum wage in Flagstaff by 2021 through a gradual, phased implementation.

This ballot measure established Title 15 of the Flagstaff City Code, which contains all laws for minimum wage within the City of Flagstaff. This law covers all individuals who work or are expected to work 25 hours or more in any given calendar year within the city limit. All covered individuals are to be paid or to earn no less than the current hourly minimum wage.

Filing A Complaint

If you are an employee and believe you have not been paid appropriately and/or other rights under the Minimum Wage Ordinance have been violated, you have the option to file a complaint through the City's Office of Labor Standards Division (OLS).

The first step to filing a minimum wage complaint with the City of Flagstaff is to complete and submit a Complaint Declaration Form to the Office of Labor Standards. Complaints can be filed electronically via e-mail or through the Online Complaint Submission Form. A complaint can also be filed by mail or in person at the following address:

Flagstaff City Hall - Office of Labor Standards
211 W Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

For employers and employees, the OLS has provided a useful Investigation Guide if an investigation is initiated by the OLS. This is a general resource and does not constitute legal advice. It may be updated periodically, as deemed appropriate by the City. Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Labor Standards Division.