Summer 2017 Street Sweeping Schedule

Please be advised that this schedule will be followed as weather permits. In instances of inclement weather, our crews will move to a reactionary unit and will need to focus on washouts, plowing, and other needs.
The members of these crews are multi-disciplined; they are responsible for sweeping, street patching, sign repair, drain maintenance, plowing, and all other Streets responsibilities.

In order for the City Street Sweeping Crew to provide you with the best possible service, we ask that residents:
  1. Street Sweeping Crews begin sweeping on the dates shown below and will continue throughout the week. Please be aware that the amount of time it takes to sweep is directly related to how much debris is on the streets.
  2. Clear overhanging trees and shrubbery 10 - 12 feet high so sweepers can hit the curb line without causing damage to the sweeping equipment.
  3. Sweep sidewalks adjacent to your residence the week before you're area is scheduled.
  4. Remove and replace landscaping rocks that fall into the curb line.
  5. Move cars that are parked on the street for the week of the sweeping. Cars in the road can decrease the area the sweeper is able to reach. In some instances, cars on the street can completely prevent the sweeper from being able to enter. In these cases, the streets will have to wait for their next scheduled date.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    2017 Street Sweeping Schedule.JPG