Employee Minimum Wage Information

As an employee performing or expected to perform 25 hours or more of work in a calendar year within the city limits of Flagstaff, the employee has the right to earn no less than the current minimum wage.

The employee is afforded this right and others, due to the passage of Proposition 414 that is governed by title 15-01 of the Flagstaff city code, regardless of immigration status.

The employer is required to provide the employee, at time of hire or by January 1, 2021 whichever is later, the employer signature form and the employee written notice that has the following:

  • The right to earn minimum wage and what the current minimum wage rate is in Flagstaff
  • The right to be free from retaliation if rights are exercised under the law
  • The right to file a complaint or a civil lawsuit for violations of the minimum wage law
  • The right to assist others and tell others about the rights under this law
  • Tips credit provisions and requirements
  • The contact information for the Office of Labor Standards (OLS) where questions can be answered

2021 Employer Signature Form(s)

Filing a Complaint

Employees who feel they have not been paid appropriately, or have been retaliated against for exercising their rights under the minimum wage law, may file a complaint with the City's OLS. The City's OLS:

  • Will investigate possible violations of the minimum wage law;
  • Will have access to employee payroll records to dispel or prove allegations;
  • Will enforce violations of the minimum wage requirements.

Additional Information

Should you need additional help or have questions, please feel free to contact the City's Office of Labor Standards.