Water Hauling & Load Stations

The City of Flagstaff operates three potable and two reclaimed water load stations. 
Stations are open 24 hours per day (subject to change). Sales tax is calculated and included in the overall rate. Tracking and maintaining account balances is your responsibility (account balances (in gallons) appear on the access terminal every time water is dispensed). You can apply funds to your account online here, toll free at (844) 462-1020, or in person at City Hall during normally posted business hours - Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Funds will be available 1 business day after receipt.

Potable Water Load Stations

  • 5401 E. Commerce (two stations)
  • 410 N. Bonito
  • 4500 S. Lake Mary Road (Lake Mary Water Treatment Plant)

Reclaimed Water Load Stations

  • 600 Babbitt Drive (two stations — Rio de Flag Wastewater Reclamation Plant)
  • 2800 N. El Paso Road (Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant)

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Where do I get an application to set up a water loading account?
Download an application or obtain one at the Customer Service window in the lobby of City Hall. Online application forms must be completed, printed, and submitted to the City with a starting payment to set up service (you cannot submit online).

How long until my application is approved and I can draw water? If you submit your application in person at City Hall with a payment, you can load water in about 1 hour. However, we recommend setting up an account at least 1 business day before you need water to ensure that the system can process your information at the station. If you submit via mail (with or without a payment), allow 10–14 business days for processing and delivery. It you submit via the night drop with a payment, allow 2–3 business days for processing. Payments dropped in the night drop on Friday will not be processed until the following business day (usually Monday, unless a holiday).

What methods of payment will the City accept to set up my account? If you submit an application in person, we accept payment via cash, credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or check. If you submit via the mail or the night drop, we only accept checks; any other forms of payment may delay or stop processing.

What methods of payment will the City accept to add money to my account? If you add money to an account in person, we accept payment via cash, credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or check. If you add money to an account via the mail or through the night drop, we only accept checks. Payments can be made online or via the toll free number using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) or a checking account.

How do I access water with the pin pad technology? When you set up your account, you will get an individual account number and pin number to use at the water loading stations. You must enter these numbers on the pin pad at the water loading station site to draw water.

What if I lose or forget my pin number? Call the Customer Service at (928) 213-2231. There will be a question on the application to help identify the account holder. Customer Service staff will relay your pin number after verifying that the account is valid. Please remember, staff will only be available during normal business hours as noted below.

What if I want my pin number changed? To change your pin number, contact Customer Service in person at Flagstaff City Hall or call (928) 213-2231.

What do I do with my old water cards? We will refund or transfer the value of any card you return. The card value will be determined valid by the current card reader system. Any cards with error messages will be refunded according to the City’s current refund policies. All refund requests must be made in person at the Customer Service counter in City Hall.

Will I be billed for water usage every month? No, the water loading station services will remain a prepaid service. You may add money to an account in person (by coming into City Hall), online, via the toll free number, or by mailing in a payment with an account load form.

When can I come in to set up an account? Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Does it matter what type of tank I fill with water? The City does not approve or endorse a specific type of water tank. However, potable water may only be hauled in a potable water tank and reclaimed water may only be hauled in a reclaimed water tank. Per City code: It shall be unlawful to permit any coupling, pipe, fitting, or tank not dedicated for potable water use to come into contact with public water facility dispensing hoses. Any person violating the provisions hereof shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and incur a penalty in the sum of one hundred-fifty dollars ($150.00). Section 7-03-001-0007 Malicious Damage.