Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

The first step toward mitigating our impact is knowing where we are now. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reporting helps identify what types of actions the City and community can take to reduce Flagstaff's energy use, fuel consumption and waste. Reporting is essential in addressing GHG emissions, measuring future progress and allowing the City to understand the scale of emissions from various sources. The climate team tracks emissions for both municipal operations and the greater Flagstaff community. See below for a summary of 2015-2016 emissions and check out the bottom of the page for more reports.

2015-2016 Community Emissions Summary

Our Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report is used to track and outline emissions for the entire Flagstaff community every two years.

What Are Our Emissions per Person?

The emissions per capita metric helps us to understand changes in our emissions while accounting for population changes. There has been an upward trend in per capita emissions in the Flagstaff Community over the last seven years, indicating we have many opportunities for improvement moving forward.

Metric Tons Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CO2e)

CO2e means "carbon dioxide equivalents," and is the standard translation of all types of greenhouse gases into the amount of carbon dioxide which would create the same amount of climate change potential.

Per Capita Emissions CY2015-2016

Which Sectors Have the Biggest Impact?

The pie graphs below show what sources and economic sectors contribute most to our total greenhouse gas emissions. The first graph is broken up by our major sources of our emissions (citywide transportation, waste, electricity, and natural gas usage). The second graph depicts our electricity and natural gas emissions combined and broken up by our residential, commercial, and industrial sectors (transportation and waste emissions are not divided by industry at this time).

2015-2016 Emissions Breakdown by Source & Sector


View the full 2015-2016 Community Emissions Report (PDF) 

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Emissions Reports

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