Flagstaff's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

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The Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will serve as a road map for how Flagstaff prepares for, and responds to, climate change.

View the proposed Plan here.

This Plan will be presented to the Flagstaff City Council, for adoption via resolution, on November 20th, 2018.

Join us....

   ... at City Council!

We will present the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan to City Council at the November 20th City Council Meeting. A resolution adopting the Plan will be presented to Council for their consideration at this time.

The meeting starts at 6:00 pm, but we recommend you review the City Council agendas to see where on the agenda the Climate Plan discussion will fall.

  ... for coffee!

Coffee & Climate is an informal event held each month to talk abotu climate change in Flagstaff and the Climate Plan. Drop by for an informal conversation with staff.

We just held the November Coffee & Climate on November 16th, but will post here soon with the December date and location! (Sign up for the newsletter below to be notified.)

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Review the entire Plan.

Review individual sections of the Plan:

  1. How did we get here?
  2. What is a Climate Plan?
  3. Why a Climate Plan?

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These documents set a foundation for the Plan:

  • The Climate Profile, describing the climate changes Flagstaff is likely to see.
  • A Vulnerability Assessment, describing how these changes will impact Flagstaff, including our health, economy, infrastructure and more.