Elevation Certificates

The table below lists completed elevation certificates uploaded thus far to our website. We will continue to periodically upload new certificates when we receive them and when old ones are scanned. These completed certificates can be downloaded via a pdf link to each certificate. The listing is alphabetical, by street name. Please note that older elevation certificates may be using the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 1929) instead of the new North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 1988) and can be different by 2 to 4 feet. If you need additional information or assistance with the Elevation Certificates, please contact Ed Schenk, Stormwater Manager. If you need a blank certificate, please use the latest blank versions listed below that were downloaded from FEMA the user is required to independently verify these forms. Blank Elevation Certificate (PDF)

Elevation Certificate PDF Links:

Agassiz Street

Ashurst Avenue

Aspen Avenue

Beaver Street

Blackbird Roost

Butler Avenue

Cottage Avenue

Country Club Drive

Edgewood Street

Ellery Avenue

Enterprise Street

Forest Brook Street

Fountaine Street

Grant Street

Harmony Way

Hopi Drive

Humphreys Street

Huntington Drive

Juniper Avenue

Kendrick Street

Lake Mary Road

Laurel Loop

Leroux Street

Lucky Lane

Meadow Brook Drive

Milton Road

Mohawk Drive

Mountain Drive

Oak Avenue

Oakmont Drive

Old Walnut Canyon Road

Phoenix Avenue

Pine Knoll Drive

Route 66

Sandstone Way

San Francisco Street

Sitgreaves Street

Switzer Canyon Drive

Tam O'Shanter Drive

Turquoise Drive

Verde Street

Walapai Drive

Woodlands Village Boulevard

Yaqui Drive

Zuni Drive