Rainfall Data

The City of Flagstaff operates a small network of radio-telemetered gauges that transmit rainfalland streamflow information in real-time (as it occurs).The primary function of these gauges is to monitor and document severe rainfall and flooding events and to make this information available to emergency responders. You can view this information by following the link below.  


Disclaimer: the rainfall information you are about to view is
 collected from automated, remote sensors and is received
 on a real-time basis. It is posted to the web page without
 review and should therefore be treated as preliminary
 and subject to possible discrepancies. It may also be
unavailable at certain times as a result of equipment
 malfunctions or interruptions in the data transmission
paths needed to go from the remote sensor to the web page.
 The City of Flagstaff makes no warranty, expressed or
implied, regarding the accuracy or availability of this data.
The user should understand that monitoring this information
 is no substitute for the forecasts, watches and warnings
 issued by the
National Weather Service or by NOAA Weather Radio.

Click HERE to view
real-time rain and stream gauges

Background Information

Rainfall information is currently available for 16 sites: 7 locations within the City, 1 location at Upper Lake Mary, 1 at the City landfill, and at 7 sites within the Schultz Fire burned area.1

Every millimeter (.03937 inches) of rainfall triggers a radio transmission that is recorded on a base station computer at City Hall. This provides a record of the amount and the timing of the rainfall. The rainfall totals from the base station computer are uploaded to the web page every 5 minutes.

The City gauges have been located so that, in addition to rainfall, they can collect streamflow and water level information at critical flood monitoring locations. This information is not yet available on the web page, but it is anticipated that it will be in the future. Also, it is anticipated that additional gauges will be added to provide more coverage of the City. For more information about this gauge network contact Jim Janecek 928-213-2472.

These gauges are part of the much larger Arizona Statewide Flood Warning and Drought Monitoring network. For more information about this network please visit their website at Arizona Flood Warning System

1 The Schultz Fire rainfall gauges were installed and are maintained by the Arizona Department of Water Resources and Coconino County. Data from these gauges is courtesy of these agencies.