LID Resources

On February 17, 2009, the Flagstaff City Council approved Ordinance No. 2009-07 which requires Low Impact Development (LID) integrated management practices (IMP's) be used to retain/infiltrate the first one inch of runoff from all impervious areas on sites that are also required to provide stormwater detention (typically sites that are greater than a fourth of an acre).

Guidance Manual
The LID Guidance Manual is designed to assist planners, developers, architects, landscape professionals, and others with engineering solutions and site planning practices that attempt to mimic natural hydrologic functions for development sites. The LID handbook/manual provides a comprehensive list of LID planning and stormwater management techniques for developers, builders, contractors, planners, landscape architects, engineers, and government employees to reference as guidance prior to developing a project site.

View the LID Requirements for Infiltration and Reuse of Stormwater.

Design Spreadsheet
The Design Spreadsheet is intended to assist designers with the sizing of stormwater detention basins for sites that have incorporated LID stormwater techniques in the site design. The purpose of this spreadsheet is to generate a runoff hydrograph that reflects the influence of LID on land use and time of concentration. It also accounts for the effect of distributed LID retention components on a developed site. This output hydrograph can be imported into more sophisticated modeling software (TR-20, HydraFlow, Pondpack, etc.) to determine detention volume requirements and peak flows on site.

LID Benefits & Examples
The LID Benefits and Examples page includes photos and designs of past and current City  LID projects providing a resource for those who want to learn about LID in the Flagstaff community.
Flagstaff LID Map
Click on the link to view a City of Flagstaff map and a table showing public and private LID improvement projects (PDF Format).

For more information or for assistance with this program aspect, please contact Chris Kirkendall at this link or by phone at 928-213-2473.