Filing a Complaint

If you're an employee and believe you have not been paid appropriately and/or other rights under the Minimum Wage Ordinance have been violated, you have the option to:

  1. File a complaint through the City's Office of Labor Standards Division (OLS)
  2. File a Civil Lawsuit against your employer

When filing a complaint through the OLS, a Complaint Declaration Form must be completed. The Complaint Declaration Form is available below. You may also contact or visit the OLS at City Hall (211 W Aspen Avenue) to obtain a hard copy of the Complaint Declaration Form during regular business hours. You may also file your complaint through the OLS Online Complaint or Questions Submission link.

No anonymous complaints will be investigated.


For employers and employees, the OLS has provided a useful guide into investigations below if an investigation is initiated by the OLS. This is a general guide and resource, and does not constitute legal advice. It may be updated periodically, as deemed appropriate by the City. Should you have any question, please contact the Office of Labor Standards Division.

Investigation Guide