Employer Minimum Wage Information

Requirement 1

Under Flagstaff's Minimum Wage Ordinance, the following are the requirements under the law. The first is paying the appropriate minimum wage. An employer is required to pay their employees no less than the current established minimum wage rate. Your employee earns minimum wage:

  1. When your employee performs, or is expected to perform 25 hours or more of work in a calendar year and; 
  2. The work performed or expected to be performed is within the city limits of Flagstaff regardless of the employer's location.

Tipped Employees

An employer with tipped employees, may pay a cash wage (tip credit) up to $2.50 per hour less than the minimum wage rate on or after July 1, 2017. An employer choosing the tip credit option, the employee:

  1. Must earn no less than minimum wage when all hours worked and all tips retained during the workweek are total together and;
  2. The employee has been informed in writing by the employer of the tip credit provisions.

Requirement 2

The second is the employer signature form and employee notice. An employer is required to provide each employee, at the time of hire or by [January 1, 2021], whichever is later, the employee notice that has the following;

  • The employee's rights to earn minimum wage and the current minimum wage rate;
  • The employee's right to be free from retaliation;
  • The employees right to file a complaint to the City's Office of Labor Standards Division (OLS) or file a civil lawsuit;
  • The contact information for the OLS where questions can be answered.

Employer Signature Form

An employer must also fill out the Employer Signature Form, signed by the employer and the employee verifying that both parties are aware of the current law at the time of hire or by January 1, 2021. Please maintain the employer signature forms for your records.

The written notice must be provided in English and the employee's primary language. For your convince, the Employer Signature Form and Employee Notice has been provided.


Employer Signature Form - English 

Employer Signature Form - Spanish

Minimum Wage Written Notice - English (PDF)

Minimum Wage Written Notice - Spanish (PDF)

Please contact the OLS if you need a notice in another language.

Requirement 3

The third is the placing and postings of the minimum wage posterAn employer must post the City of Flagstaff Minimum Wage Poster in English and Spanish, and in any language spoken by more than 5% of the employer's workforce in a conspicuous place at the workplace or job site.

The poster is available in the following languages:

Please contact the OLS if you need a poster in another language.

Requirement 4

The fourth is the retention of payroll records. An employer must maintain payroll records showing the hours worked for each day worked, and the wages paid to all employees for a period of four years and shall allow the OLS access to such records in the event of an investigation and to monitor compliance.

The full version of the Flagstaff's Minimum Wage Ordinance can be found under the Helpful Information section. Should you need additional help or technical assistance, please feel free to contact the OLS.