City Hall Meeting Rooms

City Hall has meeting rooms available to nonprofit and non-political organizations.

  • $45 per hour, per room Monday through Friday
  • $85 per hour, per room Saturday through Sunday
  • Two-hour minimum
  • $45 one-time set up fee
  • Fees for amenity set-up (projector/laptop, sound system or TV/VCR/DVD) may apply and are additional

For room availability call 928-213-2100 or email the Public Works Administrative Specialist.

Capacities & Amenities

  • Council Chambers - 125 room capacity | Projector, two screens, laptop, podium and sound equipment
  • Council Conference - 43 room capacity | Projector screen and whiteboard. Own projector required
  • Staff Conference - 35 room capacity | Projector and screen, whiteboard, and conference phones
  • Finance Conference - 12 room capacity | Projector screen. Own projector required
  • Televisions / DVD / VCR players are available as well

Permit Application Process

  • This application process falls under State of Arizona SB1598, Administrative Completeness Review. The city shall issue a signed copy of the Administrative Completeness or Denial References form within the defined administrative review time frame of two business days.
  • The total application process time frame will not exceed four business days.
  • If the application packet is incomplete, the applicant will be contacted and may take the necessary time to submit the information requested. However, applications must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the anticipated use and availability of the room(s) requested for use.

Required Information

The following information must be provided with the application:

  1. Submittal of signed Parking Requirements (PDF) form.
  2. Submittal of signed City of Flagstaff Rules and Regulations for City Hall Use (PDF) form.
  3. Submittal of signed Insurance Requirements (PDF) form.
  4. Submittal of Certificate of Insurance.
  5. Submittal of fees (checks are acceptable).
  6. Completed and signed Meeting Room Rental Form (PDF).