Public Meetings


Whether you live near any of the streetlight test areas, or you are just interested in learning about streetlights, the City of Flagstaff is putting on a "traveling" public meeting. Team members from the SLEDS project will give a brief introduction before the tour starts, and will be available to answer any questions during the remainder of the tour. NAIPTA has offered to provide transportation to the various test sites and a rough schedule and route map is illustrated below.


Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 8 pm

View the rough schedule of the proposed stops, arrival times, and departure times:

Arrival Time
Departure Time
City Halln/a
8 pm
Whole Foods8:05 pm8:15 pm
Aquaplex8:22 pm8:32 pm
West Street Crossing8:37 pm8:47 pm
Cheshire8:59 pm9:09 pm
City Hall9:18 pmn/a

Final Route Map

We will be leaving City Hall at 8 pm sharp. Please arrive 15 minutes early for a brief introduction and head count of participants.

NAIPTA Final Route Map


Please RSVP for the bus tour, or just show up at one of our stop locations in your neighborhood. RSVP to Stephanie Sarty via email. Please let us know how many will be in your party.