Commercial & Multifamily Recycling Assistance

Planning and implementing an effective recycling program at a business or multifamily complex can be difficult. Whether you are hoping to add recycling service or increase the amount of material that is being recycled, the Sustainability Section is here to help.

We can advise you on implementing best practices at various types of properties, as well as assist in educating your tenants. The Sustainability Section has multiple resources, including signage and outreach volunteers that can help communicate what can and cannot be recycled.

If you would like assistance in improving your recycling program, please email the Zero Waste Coordinator or call at 928-213-2158.

New Development Assistance

As of March 22, 2018, property owners, developers, or design professionals submitting a development application will be required to outline their plan handling waste and recyclables on site. The New Development Materials Management Planning Guide (PDF) will assist developers in completing this requirement, as well as implement as design an effective recycling program.