Do you B.Y.O.?

Bring Your Own

Start today! Join the many Flagstaff residents who already make the daily choice to B.Y.O. - by bringing your own reusable bag, reusable water bottle, and reusable mug you can save money, reduce waste and help the planet. It's simple!

  • The City collects thousands of pounds of plastic bags, paper cups, and plastic water bottles a year for disposal. Many more end up littering our streets and trails.
  • When you choose to B.Y.O, you reduce litter in our City and in the landfills.
  • Since so many residents already B.Y.O, many grocery stores and coffee shops offer incentives to save you some cash!
  • In Flagstaff, it's so easy! Just remember to grab your reusable items on-the-go or keep them in your car. To help you remember, we have reminders around town!

Want to B.Y.O.? 

Pledge here! Are you a business wanting to promote the B.Y.O. Campaign? Email us for more information.

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