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Flagstaff’s Stormwater Section maintains the system to keep the community safe before, during, and after precipitation events. The Stormwater Section sustains 28 miles of major streams and washes, along with 120 miles of smaller channels (ditches and streams). They also keep 86 miles of closed channels (culverts and storm pipes) clean and draining well.  

In April of 2020, the City transferred Stormwater Maintenance from the Streets to the Water Services Division (WSD). Stormwater has borrowed staff from Wastewater Collection crews, who were reassigned to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Together, staff have cleaned over 1300 catch basins, drains, and culverts throughout Flagstaff! 

Here are some highlights from the past five months:

  • Upgrades to the inlet structure and channel dredging along the Dortha Inlet to transport enhanced flows from the Museum Fire watershed.   
  • An invasive weeds application plan opened for public input, to prioritize weed clean-up in open channels and streams. 
  • Rain and stream gauge network is now live and accessible to the public at

To follow along with the work happening throughout Flagstaff, view the Open Channel Maintenance Projects story map here, and the Closed Channel Maintenance Projects story map here.

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