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Reclaimed Water, A Vital Resource  - Flagstaff Water Services operates two water reclamation plants that treat up to 10 Blog photo and caption million gallons of wastewater a day. Wastewater is converted to Class A+ reclaimed water, a vital component of Flagstaff’s water portfolio, offsetting potable water demand by 20 percent. 

Specific Plant Upgrades - The Rio de Flag Water Reclamation Plant produces over 50 percent of the reclaimed water provided to customers. After 28 years of constant operation, the plant’s influent system needed rehabilitation to address deterioration and ensure future reliability. The top 43 inches of the concrete diversion chambers were replaced, along with influent slide gates. To prevent future degradation, concrete surfaces were coated with epoxy. Keeping infrastructure in top condition supports the utility’s environmental standards and its commitment to efficient operations. View a story map of the project, here or find it below. 

Please do your part to keep our water reclamation plants running smoothly by only flushing toilet paper! For more information, visit our What Not to Flush education webpage.

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