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Help Protect our Pipes - Don't Flush your Wipes! 
Wipes and other hazardous items cause operational disruptions
Post Date:   12/27/2021

Did you know that toilet paper is designed specially to break down after being flushed? This unique paper is made of short fibers that readily unravel in water and can be easily transported through sewage systems to treatment plants. By the time it reaches a treatment plant, most of the toilet paper has completely disintegrated. More robuScreenshot 2021-12-22 090535st items do not function in the same way.

 Flushed wipes, towels, napkins, feminine hygiene products, and the like can wreak havoc on our sewer and reclaimed water infrastructure. Even ‘flushable’ wipes do not break down as effectively as standard toilet paper. When these hazardous items are flushed down the toilet, they can cause serious clogs, backups, and damage at our wastewater and reclaimed water sites as well as in our sewers. These issues can cause significant operational problems, which increase the risk of water service disruptions.

Help us ensure that you and your neighbors can rely on consistent and safe access to water, our most valuable resource. Please refrain from flushing sanitary wipes, paper towels, napkins, feminine hygiene products, pet litter, pharmaceuticals, or toxic chemicals down your toilets or drains. Flush only your toilet paper, and keep our water flowing!

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