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Water Services Welcomes New Leadership
Shannon Jones began director role this month
Post Date: 2/24/2023

Shannon Jones - Water Services Director

Following a nationwide search and months of interviews, Flagstaff Water Services welcomes our new director, Shannon Jones.

Shannon previously worked for the City of Santa Fe utility for more than two decades, providing visionary leadership over five divisions, which included developing a nationally recognized water conservation program. 

Among other priorities, Shannon looks forward to investing in Water Services staff and working with the growing stormwater section to improve the system through major capital improvement projects and new operational strategies.

The experience he brings to Flagstaff includes managing large, politically complex projects and working with stakeholders, including tribal, environmental, agricultural, construction, political, and other groups to find common ground. His personal philosophy is to listen twice as much as he speaks to better connect with his team.

“Utilities is a core service needed for any community to thrive,” Shannon said. “There is a sense of pride that comes from serving a community and [striving to enhance] their quality of life. Things will go wrong, but failure is not an option, and we continue to work the problem until it is resolved. This is an amazing team of talented and dedicated individuals, and I am blessed to be on this team with them.”

Welcome to Team Flagstaff, Shannon!

Questions or comments? 
Contact us at flagwater@flagstaffaz.gov

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