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Garden in Flagstaff - a comprehensive website all about the microclimates, soil conditions, and appropriate plants for the Flagstaff area

Master Gardner Program of Coconino County - become a master gardner and/or check out lots of great growing resources

Still want a grassy lawn? Try this native, high-elevation, drought-resistant grass mix of buffalograss and blue gramma!

Native Perennial Plants of Northern Arizona - created by the 2017 group of Master Gardners

Flagstaff Planting Guide - available at Warner’s, Homco, Olsens, The Museum on N AZ, The Arboretum, Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed

Flagstaff Fabulous Plants - a list of sun-loving, low-water plants adapted to this area

Arizona Native Plant Society - a nonprofit organization devoted to Arizona's native plants. Its mission is to promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats

Northern Arizona Invasive Plants - a homeowners guide to identifying and managing invasive plants

Xeriscape Council of New Mexico - green-industry professionals interested in water conservation that sponsor educational programs, training sessions and conferences on resource efficient landscaping and related subjects.

Water Use is Wisely - Arizona's water conservation campaign - includes low water landscape design ideas

Native Plant and Seed Nursery in Flagstaff

Warners Nursery Nursery in Flagstaff

Viola's Flower Garden Nursery in Flagstaff

Plants of the Southwest online plant wholesaler

High Country Gardens online plant wholesaler

Landscape Connection Decorative rock, mulch, topsoil, and other landscaping materials, sourced locally in AZ

EPA WaterSense Program irrigation-related water saving products and tips

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