Job Elements of being a Police Officer

Step One:

  1. Retrieve City of Flagstaff Background Questionnaire and City of Flagstaff Application for Employment from the Recruitment Team Leader or any Recruitment Team Member
  2. Gather the following paperwork together
    1. Notice to Applicant
    2. Waiver of Liability
    3. Flagstaff Police Department Background Questionnaire
    4. Credit Profile Packet (Officer and Dispatch Applicants Only)
    5. Polygraph Questionnaire
    6. Contact the applicant and schedule an interview
      1. Advise the applicant to arrive at the Flagstaff Police Department approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled interview, and contact the records department, telling the clerk who they are and that they are there for an interview with [you]
      2. Have the applicant request, from the records department TWO sets of fingerprints, which will need to be brought to the interview by the applicant
      3. Request that the applicant also bring the following documentation (should it apply)
        1. Driver’s license/Photo Identification Card
        2. Social Security Card
        3. Birth Certificate
        4. Marriage License and/or Divorce Paperwork
        5. DD214 (Military)
        6. Transcripts for any current or unfinished schooling
        7. High School and/or High School Diploma

Step Two:

  1. In Microsoft Word, open “BLANK Start Up Documents”
    1. Complete the form in its entirety – do not forget to include the yearly background investigation report number (do not request a new one!)
    2. Provide the completed Criminal History and MVD portion, printed, to the Criminal Investigations secretary
    3. Completed the Conditional Offer of Employment (see Chief of Police’s Administrative Specialist for a signature stamp)
    4. Complete the Training Payback Agreement (OFFICER APPLICANTS ONLY)
    5. Complete the Certified Officer Payback Agreement (OFFICER APPLICANTS ONLY until incentive no longer applicable
    6. Complete the Fax Cover Sheets for each place applicable
      1. One fax for each City, County, and State department that the applicant resided per the City of Flagstaff Background Questionnaire
        1. i.e. if an applicant listed a Gilbert, Arizona address on their packet: Arizona Department of Public Safety, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Gilbert Police Department would all receive faxes
        2. Make sure to fax the notarized “Authorization for Release of Information” with each fax (form can be located as the last page of the City of Flagstaff Background Questionnaire)


Step Three:

When you meet with the applicant for the scheduled Flagstaff Police Department Background Interview:

  1. Provide Applicant with “Applicant Notice”
  2. Provide Applicant with “Waiver of Release and Liability”
  3. Provide Applicant with Conditional Offer of Employment
  4. Provide Applicant with Training Payback Agreement (OFFICER APPLICANT ONLY)
    1. Complete the Certified Officer Payback Agreement (OFFICER APPLICANTS ONLY)
    2. Take a photograph of the applicant and explain why/what it will be used for
    3. Collect all requested documents from applicant & make copies:
      1. BOTH sets of fingerprints cards
      2. Driver’s License/Photo Identification Card
      3. Social Security Card
      4. Birth Certificate
      5. Marriage License and/or Divorce Paperwork
      6. DD214 (Military)
      7. Transcripts for any current or unfinished schooling
      8. High School and/or High School Diplomas
      9. Provide one completed fingerprint card to the Chief’s secretary
      10. Provide Applicant with “Credit Updated Summary Report” packet (OFFICER AND DISPATCH APPLICANTS ONLY) and have them complete packet, including the disclosure and intent form both of which need to be signed.  The last two pages (their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act) are theirs to keep.
      11. Provide Applicant with their City of Flagstaff Background Questionnaire as well as a red pen, and ask that they look over the questionnaire
        1. They must make any corrections/additions/subtractions with RED pen, and they must initial each change
        2. Set Applicant up online for the PEP Test (OFFICER AND DISPATCH APPLICANTS ONLY):
          2. Client ID:  FLAGSTAFPD (yes, only 1 “F”) Password: FLAG.911
          3. While applicant is completing PEP Test, provide Credit packet to Professional Standards Supervisor
          4. After the PEP Test is complete (generally takes applicants 20-30 minutes), advise the Professional Standards Supervisor (as he/she will receive an e-mail with the results)
          5. Complete the Flagstaff Police Department Background Questionnaire with the applicant, filling in each question and detailing all information provided
          6. After completing the questionnaire, go over the Credit Summary (provide applicant with a copy) and PEP Test results with the applicant – make sure to ask the applicant about any “red flag” questions that present on the PEP Test (usually the last pages of the results)
          7. Provide BLANK Polygraph Packet to applicant, instructing them to complete the packet prior to their appointment

Step Four

  1. Set up the Polygraph Examination
  1. As of 2017, the current polygraph examiners that the Flagstaff Police Department use are: Daniel Caputo and Erik Caputo of Northland Investigations, LLC.  You can obtain contact information for either of them through the Professional Standards sergeant, and then contact them to set up a time and date.  Provide this exam information to the applicant