Real Estate Section  

About Our Section

The Real Estate Section is responsible for acquiring, selling, and managing the City’s real property. When City capital projects require property, from FUTS trails to Floodways, the Real Estate Section assists in acquisition. When City property is deemed surplus or when public roads and easements are no longer needed, the Real Estate Section sells the property. When City facilities are available for leasing or licensing, the Real Estate Section negotiates and manages these leases and licenses.

Contact the Real Estate Section when:

  1. Requesting abandonment of public rights of way
  2. Interested in leasing or licensing City-owned facilities
  3. Interested in city-owned properties for sale



Real Estate Manager                                                                                        Real Estate Specialist

Bryce Doty                                                                                                          Carmen Pryer

Email: Bryce Doty                                                                                              Email: Carmen Pryer

Phone: 928-213-2072                                                                                       Phone: 928-213-2011