Councilmember Adam Shimoni

Elected to City Council Dec 2018 | 

Message from Councilmember Shimoni:

Flagstaff is a wonderful place to call home. The outdoors, diverse community, and quality of life are what makes our city so special. As Flagstaff grows, we face an increasing number of issues. I hear locals speak to the need for attainable housing, future water resources, economic development, and traffic congestion. I share these concerns, and I look forward to implementing long term solutions to these issues. My website,, describes my top priorities and outlines action steps. We need leadership to address these subjects head on, and to plan for the future, collaborating to implement models for sustainable growth.

To address our housing crisis, I hope to adjust the zoning code to ensure appropriate development, to negotiate with developers to construct affordable housing, and to advocate for building small homes. I will collaborate with NAU to find a better plan to accommodate their continued growth. To ease traffic congestion, I would support more road connections and a stronger public transit system. Future water resources is a strong concern of mine and one I hope to address through greater education and investment in conservation and re-use techniques.

We are strongest when we engage and address these issues together. One of my goals as a council member is to encourage a culture of political engagement. My years leading "Speak Up: Bridging the Gap between Local People and Local Politics," and serving on the board of Friends of Flagstaff's Future have developed my passion for community involvement. My first bid for City Council in 2016, while only 59 votes shy from a win, furthered my understanding of engaging local communities and government. Check out my page, for community events and ways of sharing your voice. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and represent the people of Flagstaff.