Disconnection and Removal Instructions

Removing or Disconnecting a Backflow Device 

Before removing or disconnecting a backflow device, you must receive prior approval from our Cross-Connection Program supervisor, in compliance with City Code: 7-03-001-0015 F.11 and J.5.

If you feel there is a need for removal or disconnection of your backflow prevention device, please email pretreatment@flagstaffaz.gov with your name and address or call 928-213-2475. Once approved, there are two options to ensure removal meets the requirements of this section of the City Code to protect the City's water supply:

Option A

Call (928) 213-2475 to schedule an appointment with a City pretreatment inspector to verify the work is performed properly and confirm there is no danger to the water system.

Option B

Email Pretreatment photo documentation of the following:

1. Picture of the device with serial numberdevice with serial number

2. Location of the device on the propertylocation of device on property

3. The removal of the device/ capped pipesremoval of device_capped pipes

4. Location after the removallocation after removal

If you find a device has been removed without approval, please notify us. We must be able to access the piping to ensure that it has been capped properly.

If a residential fire line is being abandoned, the piping must be disconnected to avoid threats to the City's water system.