Climate Action Working Groups

working group

Climate action working groups help build capacity for climate action in the Flagstaff community.

Working groups will focus on creating local solutions to specific climate challenges. The City is currently working to create two working groups:

  • Climate and Equity Working Group
  • Climate and Health Working Group

Groups will meet at least once per month, be driven by members' energy and ideas, and work towards well-defined topics and goals related to Climate Plan implementation. Groups are made up of 10 to 15 active participants, energetically supporting the activities of the group. Members will contribute to group discussions, offline research, collaborative projects with external partners, sub-groups working on focused projects, and other related activities.

Each group will have different goals and agendas:

  • Climate and Equity Working Group: Equity is one of the three overarching goals of the Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Considering equity when implementing climate action will be critical to Flagstaff's resiliency. This working group will help the City to apply an equity lens to climate action by considering how disadvantaged communities often bear the greatest burdens of climate change. The working group will examine the accessibility of programs, how to engage diverse populations, and ensure that climate actions consider topics like community capacity, shared benefits, and disproportionate impacts when taking climate action.
  • Climate and Health Working Group: Climate change will have impacts on public health in Flagstaff. This group will explore the ways in which health can be affected by climate change, and how to build community resilience. The group will consider emerging health concerns, build relationships across industries, and develop appropriate climate actions that address public health needs.

Interested in contributing to one of these working groups? Fill out this application form to indicate your interest. Applications are due by September 15th.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Niemann at the City of Flagstaff at or 928-213-2150. We look forward to your application!