Climate Leader Resources

Welcome to the Climate Leader support webpage! This is your landing page for all course material, including the syllabus, agendas, presentations, and additional resources, as well as links for logging your volunteer hours.


Overall Course Information

  • Syllabus - download HERE
  • Overview ppt - download HERE
  • Group Notes - The following are links to Google Docs that you can edit so please add to them throughout the course! We ask that you please do not share the links with anyone outside the Climate Leader course. Thank you!

Session 1: Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Action

  • Agenda - download HERE
  • Session ppt - download HERE
  • Speaker presentation: Dr. Erik Nielsen, Understanding the Climate Crisis - download HERE
  • At-Home Reflection - Choose a climate solution mentioned tonight (Session 1), or one of your own, and answer the following questions:
    • Why does this solution stick out to you?
    • What action can you take to achieve it?
    • Who needs to be involved to make this solution a reality?

Session 2: Climate Change in Flagstaff | What Flagstaff is Doing

  • Agenda - download HERE
  • Session ppt (including Lee and Jenny presentation) - download HERE
  • At Home-Reflection - Select and view two to three short videos from and answer the following questions:
    • Why did you chose the specific videos you viewed?
    • How did they made you feel?
    • What Flagstaff climate issue(s) would you feature in a short video and why?

Session 3: Public Health, Safety, & Emergency Services | Water Resources

  • Agenda - download HERE (updated 8/16)
  • Session ppt - download HERE
  • Speaker presentation: Erin Young, Water Resource Management and Planning for Climate Change - download HERE
  • Speaker presentation: Matt Maurer, Public Health and Climate Change - coming soon
  • At-Home Reflection - Find a good news story about climate change (e.g., a town has met its renewable energy goal, a species is bouncing back after being close to extinction, etc.)
    • Be prepared to share a short summary of the story and why it made you feel hopeful

Session 4: Climate Change & Equity | Natural Environment

  • Agenda - download HERE (updated 8/30)
  • Session ppt - download HERE (updated 8/30)
  • Speaker presentation: Mayor Coral Evans, Equity and Climate Action - download HERE
  • Speaker presentation: Dr. Bruce Hungate, Natural Environment and Climate Change -  coming soon
  • Speaker presentation: Dr. Amy Waltz and Dr. Wasserman, Forest Management and Climate Change - download HERE
  • At-Home Reflection - Read the article 'How to Have a Useful Conversation about Climate Change in 11 Steps’ and reflect on the following questions:
    • How did this article make you feel?
    • Which steps, if any, surprised you? Why?
    • Which step do you struggle with the most?
    • Which step do you think is the most important?

Session 5: Transportation & Land Use | Basics of Climate Communication

Session 6: Energy | Climate Conversations continued

Session 7: Waste & Consumption | Becoming a Local Climate Action Leader

  • Agenda - download HERE
  • Session ppt - download HERE
  • Speaker presentation: Dylan Lenzen, Waste & Consumption - coming soon
  • Panelist presentation: Andy Bessler - coming soon

Session 8: Catalyzing Local Climate Action | Graduation

  • Agenda - download HERE
  • Session ppt - download HERE