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Welcome to the Climate Leader support webpage! This is your landing page for all course material, additional resources, and links for logging your volunteer hours.

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After graduating, we ask that you complete 30 hours of climate-oriented volunteerism, advocacy, and/or outreach within a year of completing the program. Volunteer opportunities will be posted here as they become available, but feel free to take action on your own!

Volunteer hours can include:

  • Presenting at a climate action, education, or awareness event.
  • Tabling at a climate action, education, or awareness event.
  • Leading a community conversation on climate action.
  • Hanging door knockers or hand-delivering flyers to promote climate-related events.
  • Plan a climate action, education, or awareness event.
  • Write a blog or editorial about climate-related issues.
  • Designing and implementing a climate action plan.

Help us show the impact of your incredible work by reporting your services hours via the form on the 'Volunteer Reporting' tab above.

Upcoming City Volunteer Opportunities

Updates coming soon!