Transportation & Climate

Climate and transportation have a critical relationship: transbiking pictureportation is Flagstaff's largest contributor to climate change. Transportation is also one of our best opportunities for reducing our climate impact and becoming a stronger community.

Transportation-related climate solutions include:

  • Bike share, which expands biking options for community members and visitors.
  • Electric vehicles, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions from each car trip we take.
  • Working with Mountain Line to increase use of the bus in Flagstaff, and 
  • Smart land use that creates housing and businesses that are close to each other, enabling shorter and more active trips.

Learn more about recent transportation developments below.

  1. Bike Share
  2. Electric Vehicles

The Flagstaff City Council reviewed the proposed Gotcha bike share system in August and September 2019.

The City of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University ("NAU") issued a joint Request for Proposals for a bike share company that can provide an innovative bike share system. The City and NAU seek to host a bike share system that:

  • Supports the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan goals
  • Ensures that services are accessible and available to traditionally underserved members of the community
  • Conducts community education on cycling safety, and 
  • Provides the best overall value to the Flagstaff community and NAU.

The proposed bike share system would provide the option of pedal bikes and e-bikes. For more details on the proposed system, review the staff summary or check out staff’s presentation.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact City Council at