Tips for Applicants

On-line applications will serve as originals and need not be followed up with a printed application. RESUMES ARE ACCEPTED ONLY WITH A CITY OF FLAGSTAFF APPLICATION. You may upload your resume within your on-line job applications by clicking on the upload resume feature

How do I apply for a City of Flagstaff job?
​Use the Internet to go to the City of Flagstaff’s Job Postings Page. Remember to keep a record of your username and password when you create your account. Use this same username and password each time you check your application status or apply for other positions. You may apply online via the website, submit a copy of your application to our general Human Resources e-mail at, drop off a hard copy in our Human Resources Office or to the drop box out front, or one can be mailed to: City of Flagstaff Human Resources 211 W. Aspen Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 All application material must be received by 4pm AZ time, on the close date of the position, unless otherwise noted, regardless of the postmarked date. If you are unsure if your application submission has been received, you may contact the Human Resources office at 928-213-2090.

Can I apply for more than one job? Yes, you can apply for any position of interest to you. We encourage you to look carefully at the list of qualifications before making your decision to apply. An application is required for each position for which you apply.

How do I fill out the application?
​Start by filling out the application completely, neatly and legibly. Try not to leave blanks as each section is reviewed by the hiring supervisor. In order to ensure maximum points are awarded, be sure to fill in as many sections as possible. Add a resume to further highlight your skills and abilities for the position you are applying for. We highly recommend you tailor each application and resume for each position you are applying since each position has specific qualifications and your previous experience will relate differently to each position you apply for. Do not forget to designate how many years you have experience with your skills and abilities.

Do I need to complete the Additional Information section on the application?
​ We recommend that you do complete this section. Any information you provide in this section should be demonstrated in your application and resume. This should be tailored to each position you are applying for.

Who should I use as references?
​It is recommended to list three professional references and their contact information on the application. These three references should be able to speak about your knowledge, skills and abilities for this job. Always inform your references that you are listing them on the application. We do not contact your references unless you are selected for the position and have accepted a contingent offer. If you have an email address along with a contact phone number, that can expedite the background references check process.

What if I don’t have a computer or internet access?
​You need to use a computer to complete an online job application. Here are some suggestions: • Come into City of Flagstaff Human Resources on the 1st floor of City Hall at 211 W. Aspen Ave, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM MST Monday – Friday and use the available computer. • Use a public computer at a Flagstaff City - Coconino County Public Library Branch: 300 W Aspen Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 or 3000 N 4th St, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 • Ask a family member or friend who has Internet access if you can use their computer.

Do I need an email address to complete an online application?
​How do I get an email address? Yes, you must have an email address to complete an online application. You can get a free email account online at places like: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail. Please note we do not endorse any particular email provider.

Do I need to set up an account to apply for a job online?
​Yes, you must have an account with CivicPlus to submit an application. If you do not want to setup an online account, you may also drop off or mail in your paper application to the Human Resources office.

Can I apply by submitting a resume instead of completing an online application?
​No, the City will not accept a resume instead of an online application or as a substitute for completing any part of a job application.

Why do I need to upload a resume AND enter job history in the online application?
​The City requires an application, but many Hiring Managers prefer receiving resumes with additional information and job duties - so we ask for both. You choose what to submit for each job you apply for, but all jobs require a minimum of a completed application.

How do I access my online account after I create it?
​Access your account by clicking “Apply Online” at the Job Page at

Who do I contact for help?
​Call the Human Resources Department at: (928)213-2090 weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM MST.

What if I forgot my Username or Password?
​ Click on the Sign In link in the upper right hand corner. Use the “forgot password?” link directly below the username/password login box. The system will send you an email with your information. Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folders and add civicplus to your “safe sender” list to make sure you get this email. If you do not receive an email, contact the Human Resources Department by calling (928)213-2090.

How often does the City add jobs to the Job Opportunities List?
​We update the Job Opportunities List with new jobs on an ongoing basis. New Job Postings will post every Friday.

Do I need to visit the City’s web site to check for new job listings?
​Yes. You can also sign up to receive notifications when new jobs post or visit the HR office to view all job statuses and new job opportunities.

What does "Open Until Filled " mean for a closing date? There are jobs which may require a longer posting period, but where we will evaluate applications as they are submitted, interview and make hiring decisions until we fill the job.

How do I sign up to receive notifications for new job postings?
​Click on the “Notify Me” link on the Job Postings page. Follow the instructions to receive email notification for specific job categories that interest you.

How do I know if I am qualified for a particular job?
​ Carefully review the minimum and desired qualifications for the position and ensure you meet at least the minimums. The required skills and qualifications are typically displayed towards the bottom of the job posting. Please do not forget that all relevant education, experience, and training are considered for each position. Include all applicable information including experience working in the field, ride-a-longs, and internships.

Is it possible to withdraw my application from an organization?
​ Yes, you will need to contact the Human Resources Office via e-mail at human to request your application be removed from the process. This can be done at any time during the process. Please be sure to include which position you are withdrawing from.

Can I change a submitted application after a job closes?
​No, you can only change your application before the job closing date. Should you be selected for an interview, you may submit additional materials for consideration or bring them to the interview. You can contact the recruiter to verify how many panel members will be present.

How can I make changes to my application after submitting it?
​You can e-mail your updated application and resume or submit a new application and resume online. If you submit an updated application and/or resume online we suggest you call the recruiter to ensure the correct version is being used for the matrix. This needs to be done prior to the job closing. If you have additional materials after the job closes you can bring them to interview or give them to the recruiter for consideration should you be selected to interview.

What is a matrix?
​ How are the applications screened? The City of Flagstaff uses a matrix to screen applications based on minimum, desired qualifications, and examples of work performed. We recommend that you be as specific as possible and use key words and years of experience in your application and resume to demonstrate if you meet or exceed the particular job requirements in order for the evaluator to assess your application packet to the fullest extent. Recruitments are competitive, and your experience will be compared to others that apply. Be sure to print (or email to yourself) the posting before it closes and review job requirements. Our hiring supervisors cannot assume you have any particular skill, knowledge or ability. You must be as specific as possible in order to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and ability of the job requirement including the amount of time.

How am I notified whether I am selected to interview?
​Candidates not selected to interview are notified via e-mail. The amount of time it takes to notify candidates will vary and depends on the number of applications we received. You can keep informed of the job status by visiting our job status page. Candidates selected to interview are notified via phone or e-mail. We suggest checking your voicemail and email regularly once the position has closed.

How do I prepare for the interview?
​Review the job posting to ensure you understand the position’s duties. Search the internet for interview questions to prepare. Be sure you are able to give specific examples of your knowledge skills and abilities that relate to the job and duties of the job. A great method of interviewing is the SAR or STAR method where each answer contains a Situation, Action and Result of the example/experience you are speaking about. The T stands for Technical if the job will require technical skill examples. Practice answering questions with someone out loud, so you are familiar with speaking about your knowledge and skills. Many of the interviews are panel interviews with more than one person asking questions. Practice answering interview questions in front of a few people to help get comfortable in front of a panel. If you are setting up a Skype interview, be sure to send a contact request to “City of Flagstaff Human Resources” prior to the interview date. It is also recommended to test your camera and microphone. You can contact the recruiter to set up a time for a test Skype call to ensure everything is working properly.

How is salary determined?
​Should the City extend a conditional offer of employment, other positions that are classified within the same range may be reviewed as part of an equity analysis. This analysis will compare your completed education and relevant work history compared to other employees in the same pay range to determine the salary offer that the organization may be able to offer. You are strongly encouraged to include all work history so that this may be reviewed as part of this analysis. Information that is relevant and needed would be Month and Year of start and end for employment, full time/part time (#of hours), and description of duties.

Are there Job Shadow or Ride along opportunities? For questions related to the police department hiring process, please visit the Flagstaff Police Department Website or contact Sergeant Collin Seay for more details. Police Officer applicants are encouraged to contact the Flagstaff Police Department to set up ride-alongs. Sgt. C. Seay, 928-679-4083 or For job shadowing opportunities please contact the individual Division.