Flood Information

Protecting Your Home and Family

    • Streets flood quickly! A car can float in as little as a foot of water. Do not attempt to cross flooded areas. Respect all traffic barricades.
    • Know where your children are at all times, and do not let them play near channels, creeks or streams when water is rising.
    • Please call 911 to report a flooding emergency.
    • For street or right-of-way flooding concerns, please call Public Works (928) 213-2100.
    • If you have private property flooding concerns, the Stormwater Management Section will investigate and may be able to help. Please contact the Stormwater Inspector at (928) 213-2474.
    • Information regarding the Museum Fire flood area is available.
    • Please do not leave trash cans, trash, or debris in any area subject to flooding. Items will float in floodwaters and clog storm drains and stream channels.
    • If you are in the Museum Fire flood area do not remove sandbags. A "self-fill" sandbag station is available at Frances Short Pond at Aztec Street. Self-fill areas are not staffed, and residents will need to bring shovels to fill sandbags. Damaged sandbags can be disposed at the landfill. Do not put them in your garbage can.
    • Contact your property insurance agent to see if a flood insurance policy would help you. Even if you're not in the mapped floodplain, you may be subject to flooding from local drainage.
    • Talk to the Stormwater Section (928-213-2472) about protecting your house or business. There are ways to modify your building to minimize flood damage.
    • The City of Flagstaff operates a small network of radio-telemetered gauges that transmit rainfall and stream flow information in real-time (as it occurs).
    • View forecasts, watches, and warnings issued by the National Weather Service for Northern Arizona.

Let's make this a safe monsoon season!

Sandbag Filling Station

The City of Flagstaff Stormwater Section offers the following 

additional flood hazard information and services:

  1. Flood Hazard Determinations
  2. Drainage Complaint Database
  3. Rain & Stream Gauges
  4. Flood Insurance Requirements
  5.  Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  6.  FIRM

$30 unless within 100 feet of a flood zone, then free of charge. Call Ed Schenk at: (928) 213-2470.