Coconino Estates Phase 1 - Construction Information

Current Construction Activities

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Project Location: Please see the Project Limits Map here

Project Details:

The improvements on the streets shown in the Project Limits map above generally consist of replacing existing infrastructure with new water and sewer mains, water and sewer services, fire hydrants, storm drains, streetlights, the entire asphalt roadway, curb and gutter, and driveways. There is an exception to this on Whipple Road, which will only receive a new water main and water services.

There will also be infrastructure added to the Project that does not currently exist consisting of new underground electric lines for street lighting and new sidewalk on both sides of the street on Beal Road, Navajo Drive (south of Beal) and on Navajo Road.

The decision to add sidewalk to these roadway sections was based on the results of a collaborative neighborhood survey and two Design Phase Community Open House Meetings conducted by the Project Team. Click here for Coconino Estates Phase I Design Page and scroll down to the sidewalk survey information to see the results of the neighborhood survey. The neighborhood survey results showed much of the neighborhood was in support of adding sidewalk to the sections of roadway mentioned above but were not in support of adding sidewalk to Navajo Drive north of Beal Road. Therefore, sidewalks will not be added to the portion of Navajo Drive north of Beal. The design of the improvements was completed while keeping in mind property owner requests where practical, this is a retrofit Project within an existing neighborhood, limiting impacts to driveway lengths and landscaping, and providing the necessary safety improvements of a complete roadway within budget. The improvements, including the addition of sidewalk where it does not currently exist, will be constructed within existing City right-of-way throughout the existing neighborhood. Please click here for more information regarding the design of the Project.

Construction activities are scheduled to begin in mid-May 2020, with project completion tentatively scheduled for Winter 2022.

To give you a better understanding of the Project and what construction activities entail, the Project Team has put together a Preconstruction Presentation Video. Click on the Youtube link below to watch the video. 

Youtube Preconstruction Presentation Video

You can also click on the red link "Preconstruction Presentation Video" below to watch the video.

Project Presentation Video

How to Receive Project Information:

For general questions and project information, call the Project Hotline at      (928) 255 - 5153

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Project Team:

• City of Flagstaff – Project Owner

• Eagle Mountain Construction – Contractor

• Peak Engineering – Design Consultant

• Beta Public Relations – Public Relations

Community Benefits:

• Replacing and or abandoning aged and undersized existing water and sewer infrastructure, ranging from 35 – 72 years old, to meet current standards.

• Improving drainage issues and extending the life expectancy of the roadway by installing correctly sized storm drain infrastructure and eliminating low spots in the existing curb lines.

• Eliminating maintenance of overhead lines and the constant trimming of trees by installing underground electric lines to power streetlights.

• Improving intersection safety by re-configuring the roadway geometry to increasing sight distance.

• Replacing aging and deteriorated asphalt that is no longer maintainable with a chip seal or overlay and improving the streets ride quality and longevity.

• Adding sidewalk where it does not currently exist to roadways with high volumes of traffic in proximity of local schools and regional parks.

• Replacing defective edge improvements such as existing curb and gutter that impedes storm water flow, and existing sidewalk with tripping hazards.

• Reducing required maintenance with the construction of the new infrastructure.

• Coordinating construction on multiple streets to minimize inconveniences to the public and to reduce costs.

Funding Source:

The Coconino Estates Improvements Phase 1 Project is mainly funded by the Road Repair and Street Safety Program (RR&SS), approved by Flagstaff voters on November 18, 2014 (aka Prop. 406). The RR&SS – Utility Replacements and Overlays funding is generally limited to only improving the existing infrastructure on streets that qualified to receive roadway and utility improvements based on their existing pavement overall condition index (scale of 100 – 0) being at or below 50 and their existing utilities needing repair or replacement due to consistent maintenance or age.

Since the RR&SS funding is generally limited to only improving existing infrastructure an alternative funding source was needed for adding new sidewalk and underground electric lines for streetlights to the Project where they did not previously exist. The alternative funding source for the new sidewalk and underground electric lines is the General Improvements and Partnering Opportunity Annual Budget line item within the Transportation Tax (Prop. 419).

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