LID Examples

Flagstaff LID Map

Click on the link to view a City of Flagstaff map and a table showing public and private LID improvement projects (PDF Format).

LID Projects

Thorpe Hillside Drainage Improvements/Flood Control

This project at Thorpe Park:

  • Helps mitigate historic flooding in downtown neighborhoods
  • Addresses erosion challenges
  • Improves water quality
  • Utilizes passive stormwater to create native plant landscapes and beautify existing City owned public spaces

The bioretention basin at the Adult Center slows the stormwater flow and waters this green swale.

Bioretention Basin

A series of rock dams slows flow on steep slopes, preventing erosion and promoting groundwater infiltration.

Rock dams

Bioretention Basin at Frances Short Pond

This swale collects sediment from Thorpe ballfields and the Bark Park, preventing costly dredging of the pond. 

Coconino High School volunteers remove sediment from a settling swale.

Coconino High Volunteers

The purpose of the basin is to capture, slow, and infiltrate stormwater runoff prior to it entering the pond. This is to remove contaminants and improve water quality.