FOG SwiftComply FAQs

1. What is SwiftComply?

SwiftComply is a software system that allows you to upload your grease control device maintenance documents directly to the City of Flagstaff.

2. What does SwiftComply cost? 

Nothing! Participation is free and required to stay in compliance with the City of Flagstaff’s Industrial Pretreatment program.

3. Why should I enroll in Swift Comply?

  • It’s Easy! Easily upload records on your computer or mobile device.
  • It’s Transparent! Your records are viewable by you, your service provider, and City FOG Inspectors.
  • It’s Compliant! Completed compliance records uploaded to this service are compliant with City of Flagstaff’s Industrial Pretreatment program. Your FOG Inspector can review your compliance before inspecting your facility. If an issue arises, we’ll work with you to resolve it, saving you time.

4. What web browser is best to use for SwiftComply?

It is best to use Chrome or Safari for SwiftComply.

For Food Service Establishments

5. How do Food Service Establishments enroll for SwiftComply?

You can enroll for SwiftComply with this link: After enrolling, you will receive an invitation email containing a link to your Business Profile. There is no need to create an account or username/password. Simply follow the link and you’ll be taken to your profile where you can report pump outs to your city’s database. You should save this link to access the profile anytime.

 6. How do I use my business profile?

The primary function of your Business Profile is to report pump out documentation. Once added, all pump out documentation will populate directly on the City of Flagstaff’s database in real time.

 7. How do I select a service provider?

To select your provider, find their name in the list of providers and click the grey "select provider" button to the right of the provider.  If you are a self-cleaner, please click the button next to this choice.  Service Providers also have the ability to upload pump out documentation on behalf of their customers. If your service provider is enrolled in SwiftComply, you can ask them if they offer this service..

If your service provider’s name does not come up, they are not registered as a provider with SwiftComply. If that is the case, you can request they enroll and we will contact them with an invitation. To do this, either contact City of Flagstaff Pretreatment section or Swift Comply at

8. How do I add a pumpout?

When you follow the link to your business profile, you’ll be taken to the main screen where you can add a pump out by tapping the blue “Add pump out” button. On your first visit to your business profile, please upload documentation from your most recent pump out.

To record a new pumpout, click the blue ‘Submit Report’ button. There you will be taken to the pumpout form. Select your service provider or self cleaner option. The service date and volume of pumpout fields are mandatory. The upload file/photo, disposal site and note fields are optional. The upload file/photo section is where you can upload a pump out photo or document from your computer, or take a photo of the document or empty grease interceptor with your phone.

9. I or one of my employees clean out the grease control device; what should we do? 

Complete your pump out record as described above.  Instead of an invoice or manifest, you can take a picture or scan of the maintenance record.  A picture of the clean, empty grease interceptor is always appreciated!

10. How do I change my pumping schedule? 

Contact the Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor at or (928) 213-2117 and we can evaluate your situation.

11. How do I review my businesses compliance?

From your business profile, you have access to view your pump out history, inspection history, grease control device list and compliance history.

12. What if I have questions?

Contact the Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor at  or (928) 213-2117, or SwiftComply at

For Grease Pump Out Service Providers

13. How do service providers enroll for SwiftComply?

  • Send your company contact email details to or call 619.304.6022 in order to receive an invitation email to create a Swift Comply account. From the invitation email, select ‘creating your password’ and input a login password of at least 10 digits. The email address which received the email will become the username.
  • If your business would like additional users to have access, please send a request to the City of Flagstaff or Swift Comply contact.
  • Two additional invitation reminder emails will be sent every three days. Past this point the City of Flagstaff may send additional invitations, if needed.

14. How do I access my account after enrolling for SwiftComply?

Once you’ve created your password, navigate to: the next time you need to sign into the account and select the Service Providers Log in option.

15. How do I use my service provider account?

  • The main function of your account is to report fat, oil and grease pump outs to the City of Flagstaff on behalf of your customer. There are three different places in your account where you can do so:
  • From the main page of your account, tap the green ‘Add Pumpout’ button. On the pump out form, begin typing the establishment’s name, until you see it populate in the dropdown menu. Click the establishment to fill in the information on the form. *Keep in mind that only establishments who have selected you as their service provider will be available for you to add pump outs on their behalf. Only the Food Service Establishment or your city regulator can select you as the service provider for a particular Food Service Establishment. You can upload a service document or photo here as well.
  • You can also add a pump out from the ‘Establishments’ tab at the top left of the screen where you can see a list of all of the establishments who have requested that you report pump outs for them.  Then select an establishment to open their profile and the form to upload  a pump out.
  • You can also add a pump out from the ‘Pumpouts’ tab at the top right of the screen.

16. How do I edit or delete a pumpout?

Edit a pump out by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the listing in the pump out database.  Make the changes and select the ‘Save’ button.  These changes will be reflected in the City’s database.  Delete a pump out by selecting the trash can symbol to the right of the listing in the pump outs.

17. What if I have service establishments in multiple cities that use SwiftComply?

When you are selected as the service provider for an FSE in a new city, you’ll receive a notification email that the new city has been added to your profile. You will need to switch between tenants to report pump outs for those establishments. To do so, click on Account at the top right. You will see a drop-down list of cities. Select the one you need to report pump outs from.