Summit Avenue Water Main Replacement

Project Overview

Approximately 3,300 ft of new waterline, water services, fire hydrants, and pavement reconstruction. The existing waterlines in this area range from 58 to more than 90 years old. The City intends to replace the water infrastructure and pavement on: S. Walnut St. from Santa Fe Ave. to Coconino Ave.; S. Sycamore St. from Santa Fe Ave.  to Grand Canyon Ave.; S. Spring St. from Montvale Ave. to Grand Canyon Ave.; W. Summit Ave. from Santa Fe Ave. to end; and W. Santa Fe Ave. from Walnut St. to Thorpe Rd. Waterline only will be installed on W. Montvale Ave. from Santa Fe Ave, to end. This project is part of the City’s ongoing aging water infrastructure replacement program.


Cost: $1,359,657.00

Location: Summit Ave & Spring Street

Project Manager: Jeremy DeGeyter

Timeline: Construction Start: July 2020.  Project Completion: Spring/Summer 2021

Contractor: Overley’s


2020 Periodic UpdatesVicinity map


  • Construction is underway, beginning with Phase I on Walnut St.
  • Work to begin on Sycamore St. next. 
  • Construction yard is set up on Coconino Avenue and sharing the overall space with the Humphreys Widening ADOT project.


  • Contract with Overley’s approved at June 2nd City Council meeting.
  • Pre-Construction meeting held June 25th. 
  • Project started on July 6th. 
  • Project Notification flyers sent to neighborhood.

walnut street