Recent and Current Projects

  1. Aspen Avenue Library Entry
  2. Beautification in Action Grants
  3. Bicycle and Pedestrian Niche on Aspen
  4. Bonito Street Community Garden
  5. Coconino Scroll at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport
  6. Downtown Connection Center
  7. East Flagstaff Community Library
  8. Expanded Use of Right-of-Way
  9. Flagstaff Municipal Court
  10. Flowers and Enhanced Landscaping in the Historic Core
  11. Historic Southside Community Garden
  12. Hope Assessment Center
  13. Little Phone Booth Library
  14. Lone Tree Overpass
  15. Murdoch Community Center Chess Park
  16. Route 66 Interpretive Trail
  17. Traffic Signal Cabinet Art: Phase II
  18. Willow Bend Environmental Education Center

With the redesign of the entry plaza to come into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, an opportunity became available to re-envision the entire outdoor entry of the downtown public library. Focus groups of community members, the Commission on Inclusion and Adaptive Living, and the Beautification and Public Art Commission (BPAC) gave input and responses for a ramp design that is universally inclusive, creates a donor recognition opportunity integrated into the art design, creates a porch for outdoor seating, and includes exhibition space for temporary art. 

Maria Salenger of Jones Studio was selected to conceptualize the art aspect, titled Touch home, reach sky, which reflects natural elements and includes 45 sculptural steel books that lead visitors to the front doors and reflect nature elements. 

Aspen Avenue Library Plaza

Estimated Completion Date: December 2022

Location: 300 W. Aspen Ave.

For More Information: Jana Weldon, Beautification, Arts & Sciences Manager,