Recent and Current Projects

  1. Bonito Street Community Garden
  2. Downtown Connection Center
  3. East Flagstaff Community Library
  4. Flagstaff Municipal Court
  5. Flowers and Enhanced Landscaping in the Historic Core
  6. Historic Southside Community Garden
  7. Hope Assessment Center
  8. Murdoch Community Center Chess Park
  9. Rotary Club
  10. Route 66 Interpretive Trail
  11. Traffic Signal Cabinet Art: Phase II
  12. Willow Bend Environmental Education Center

This Beautification in Action Grant-funded project provides the addition of a pollinator garden and interpretive signage at the entrance to Bonito Street Community Garden, established in 2009, which aims to beautify the space while educating the public on the importance of growing food sustainably, providing pollinator habitat, and increasing green spaces in our urban communities. Higher interest in gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic led to all garden plots being rented for the first time in its history during the 2020 growing season and highlights the role nature plays in a healthy community. The newly installed welcome sign was painted by Robert Chambers.

A colorufl painted sign with an octopus and butterfly welcomes visitors to the Bonito Street Garden

Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2022

Location: Bonito Street Community Garden, 527 W. Elm St.

For More Information: Community Gardens — Terra BIRDS