Circular Rapid Flashing Beacon (CRFB)

The Circular Rapid Flashing Beacon is currently being tested to determine if it can be added to the MUTCD along with the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon. This device has been tested in two locations in Flagstaff, and is currently being tested at one other location which is on 4th Street near W.L. Gore. 

A pedestrian traffic control device was needed at this location due to the high volumes of workers at W.L. Gore. Gore has a building on the west and east side of 4th Street, which causes employees to cross back-and-forth from building to building. The crosswalk is approximately 76 feet long and crosses four lanes of busy traffic, showing that the need for this device was essential to pedestrian safety.

Circular Rapid Flashing Beacon 4th StreetCircular Rapid Flashing Beacon 4th Street

Circular Rapid Flashing Beacon on 4th Street near W.L. Gore