Coconino Estates Improvements Phase 2

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To give you an understanding of the Project, the Project Team has put together a brief Project Presentation Video.

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Project Details

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Description automatically generatedThe improvements on the streets shown in the map to the right generally consist of replacing all existing utility and roadway infrastructure. The utility improvements include replacing the existing water and sewer mains, water and sewer services with new cleanouts near the property line, fire hydrants, and manholes. However, there are some exceptions; only replacing existing water main and services along Meade, installing a new portion of sewer main in Crescent just north of and into the Rio de Flag, only replacing existing sewer main and services along Elizabeth, and only replacing sewer main and services on Talkington Drive between Davis Way and Meade Lane.

The roadway improvements include replacing the existing asphalt roadway, replacing rolled curb with vertical curb, constructing driveway ramps at driveway entrances, and replacing select sidewalk only where it currently exists on Crescent Drive. Sidewalk WILL NOT be installed where it does not currently exist.

Funding and Schedule

Estimated Construction Cost for the Project is $6 Million.

Design is currently 90% complete. Construction is anticipated to take place over two construction seasons, beginning in Spring 2021 on Crescent and Navajo and ending in Fall 2022 on Talkington and side streets.


The Crescent Drive and Navajo Drive portions of the Project are funded by the Road Repair and Street Safety Sales Tax, also known as PROP 406. These streets qualified to receive utility and roadway improvements due to their existing pavement Overall Condition Index being at 50 or below on a scale from 0 to 100 and their existing utilities needing repair or replacement dur to size, material, age, and/or consistent maintenance.

The Talkington Drive (including the side streets), Elizabeth, and Meade portions of the Project are funded by the Annual Waterline and Sewer Line Replacement Programs, which was identified as a proposed Project by the City’s Water Services Department.

It was decided to combine the two Projects with two separate funding sources to take advantage of the costs savings by delivering both projects at the same time, given their proximity to each other.

Community Benefits

  • Replacing aged and undersized existing City water and sewer infrastructure, ranging from 57 – 95 years old, to meet current city standards.
  • Replacing aged and deteriorated asphalt that is no longer maintainable with a chip seal or overlay and improving the streets overall ride quality.
  • Improving the drainage of the roadway by reconstructing the existing curb and roadway to eliminate low spots and therefore extend the life expectancy of the pavement.
  • Reducing the required maintenance with the construction of the new infrastructure.
  • Coordinating and combining the construction of multiple streets and/or Projects to minimize inconveniences to the public and to reduce costs.

Project Team 
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City of Flagstaff Capital Improvements 

  • Eli Reisner, P.E., Capital Improvements Project Manager

The WLB Group 

  • Eric Weidinger, P.E., Design Engineer

Beta Public Relations, LLC 

  • Conner Cassens, Public Involvement Project Manager

Construction Contractor (To be determined)


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