Part 2: Cross Connection and Local Limits for SIUs

City of Flagstaff Water Services Division Proposed Changes to City Code

Title 7 Health and Sanitation

Chapter 7-02 Wastewater Regulations 

Chapter 7-03 Water Regulations

The City of Flagstaff Water Services is proposing updates to the City Code Title 7 Health and Sanitation, Chapter 7-02 Wastewater Regulations and Chapter 7-03 Water Regulations. You may request a paper copy to the Industrial Pretreatment Manager at 2323 N. Walgreens St. Suite 1, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 or by calling (928) 213-2117. The comment period is ninety days, closing on March 21, 2021. Interested persons may file comments in writing to regarding the proposed text amendments or be heard at one of the hearing dates set forth herein. Written comments must include name and address so responses can be provided.

A public meeting soliciting comments was held on February 4, 2020 from 4:00-5:00 pm 

This meeting will review, discuss and take public testimony, and consider the following Wastewater and Water Regulation Amendments:

  1. Request by the City of Flagstaff for a City Code Text Amendment to amend Title 7, Chapter 7-02: Wastewater Regulations Related to Discharge Standards and Testing schedule for significant industrial users. Updates local limits to align with federal and state permits, protecting the water reclamation plants and the community’s water quality. 
  2. Request by the City of Flagstaff for a City Code Text Amendment to amend Title 7, Chapter 7-03: Water Regulations, Related to Cross Connection Control requirements. The changes streamline code language to increase clarity and reduce redundancy.

In order to comply with City of Flagstaff meeting restrictions, this meeting was held in virtual format. 

Summary of Modifications:

Changes to the Wastewater Regulations (throughout 7-02)

  • Update discharge limits for permitted industries.  Limits were decided through a Local Limit Study conducted by Brown & Caldwell
  • Change industry sampling schedule requirement from second and fourth quarter to first and third quarter.
  • General language clean-up and clarifications

Changes to Water Regulations (7-03-001-0015: Cross Connection Control)

  • Reorganization of information
  • Removal of redundant and vague language
  • Clarifies removal requirements
  • Make code easier to understand and provide better guidance to the public as to the expectation of the cross-connection program.

City Council will hear these proposed Public Health and Safety text amendments at a public hearing on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

At this public hearing, the City Council may be continued to a specific date or close the public hearing.  The date and time of the public meeting to read the ordinance to be adopted for a second time may be modified. Please refer to the most recent City Council agenda posted at City Hall or on the City website twenty-four hours in advance of the City Council meeting for the most recent date and time of the second read of the ordinance to be adopted.

Want to provide public comment on the proposed code changes? Fill out this form.

Read the drafts of proposed Code Amendments & other helpful documents below.

View the proposed Cross Connection Control Code changes 

Chapter 7 02 changes

View the proposed Local Limits code changes

Chapter 7 02 Wastewater Regulations

View the Executive Summary of the Local Limits Evaluation 

Local limits summary front cover

View the letter to backflow assembly owners and Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) 

SIU Letter

For further information, please contact:

Jolene Montoya, Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor

Flagstaff Water Services

2323 N. Walgreens St. Suite 1

Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

Phone: (928) 213-2117


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