Flagstaff's Draft 10-Year Housing Plan

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Draft 10-Year Housing Plan

When declaring the Housing Emergency, Flagstaff City Council directed staff to create a comprehensive community-facing document to summarize the City's immediate and long-term needs and strategies to improving housing affordability.Housing 10 Year Plan Cover Comp (002) Opens in new window

This Draft 10-Year Housing Plan defines Flagstaff's Housing Emergency and provides policy initiatives and strategies to address it over the next 10 years. The Draft Plan also establishes a goal to substantially increase the number of available and affordable housing options for Flagstaff residents at all income levels and to increase housing subsidies for our neighbors that are unable to afford housing in Flagstaff. For a virtual walkthrough of the Draft 10-Year Housing Plan, click here

 The Draft 10-Year Housing Plan can be found here. 

This public comment period has ended. 

The 10-Year Housing Plan will be presented to Flagstaff City Council for consideration of adoption in December. If you have any questions or comments, please email Leah Bloom, Housing Project Manager, at LBloom@FlagstaffAZ.gov.