Public Participation Housing Plan

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Public Participation Purpose

This document guides the public involvement activities conducted by the Flagstaff Housing Section. The purpose of public participation is to ensure a proactive process affording the opportunity for the public to be involved in all phases of the creation of Flagstaff’s 2021 Housing Plan. The Housing Section will provide complete information, timely public notice, sufficient periods for comment, full access to key decision points, and early and continuing engagement in developing the plan and policies. The Housing Section encourages active public participation in identifying and commenting when creating Flagstaff’s 2021 Housing Plan.   

Multiple versions of this document will be created throughout the process to track progress and allow for incorporation of new ideas and lesson learned. Evaluation of the quality of input received and the achievement of diversity and inclusivity will be key drivers of the changes to this participation plan.

For a printable version of the current draft of this page, click here (PDF). 

Take the City of Flagstaff Housing Survey

The City of Flagstaff’s 10 Year Housing Plan is underway and the Housing Section is asking all members of the community to participate by taking the City of Flagstaff Housing Survey:

Housing Survey in English:

Housing Survey in Spanish/en Espanol:

This survey takes about ten minutes to complete and all members of the Flagstaff community are encouraged to take it.

Dear Neighbors, 

Affordable, accessible and decent housing is of critical importance to a community’s health and viability. On December 1, 2020 City Council declared a Housing Emergency in Flagstaff, prioritizing affordable housing with City operations to create safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities for all community members. 

Are you interested in learning more about Flagstaff’s affordable housing needs and creating policies to reduce Flagstaff’s Housing Emergency? If so, the City of Flagstaff’s Housing Section would like to add you to the 2021-2031 Housing Plan’s Stakeholders List. By providing your contact information, you will receive emails regarding public participation opportunities and updates specific to the Housing Plan. Your contact information will not be shared with others. The Housing Section encourages active public participation in identifying and commenting when creating Flagstaff’s 2021 Housing Plan and would appreciate your input. In order to be added to the stakeholders list, please complete the survey monkey below.

Want to learn more about the 2021-2031 Housing Plan? 

The Housing Plan will consolidate existing housing documents and augment with additional planning efforts to create a 10-year plan. The Plan will define the housing emergency in Flagstaff and will provide policies and strategies to reduce the emergency. The Housing Plan will identify affordable housing needs, revise an existing list of affordable housing, identify affordable housing units underway, engage partners, and compile research on best practices. 

Altogether, these components will help identify specific policies and educational and advocacy strategies that can be implemented within our community to substantially increase the number of affordable housing units. As the City implements the Flagstaff’s 2021 Housing Plan, the goal is to substantially increase the number of available and affordable housing options for all Flagstaff residents at all income levels.

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