Flagstaff's 10-Year Housing Plan

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Flagstaff's 10-Year Housing Plan

Flagstaff’s 10-Year Housing Plan was presented to the Housing Commission on January 27, 2022. The Plan was approved unanimously by Housing Commissioners and then unanimously adopted by the Flagstaff City Council on February 15, 2022. 

Although the City has several Housing planning documents, when declaring the Housing Emergency, Flagstaff City Council directed staff to create a single, comprehensive community-facing document to summarize the city's immediate and long-term needs and strategies to improve housing affordability.  

The current Housing Emergency in Flagstaff has deep roots, with no single root cause. There is no single solution to addressing the Housing Emergency, but rather multiple strategies that will work together in providing residents with additional housing stability. Flagstaff residents’ responses to the Housing survey illustrated that the Housing Emergency is causing residents to leave our community. A little over 58% of Flagstaff residents stated that they were either “nearly certain” to “somewhat likely” going to relocate due to housing costs. The question we must ask ourselves is what would Flagstaff become if 58% of our population moved? 

The intent of this Plan is to help individuals and families achieve housing affordability for those who want to continue to call Flagstaff their home. 


This Plan defines the Housing Emergency in Flagstaff and provides policy initiatives and strategies that the City will implement to address the Housing Emergency.  As the City implements the 10-Year Housing Plan, the goal is to substantially increase housing subsidies for our neighbors who are unable to afford housing in Flagstaff and to increase the number of available and affordable housing options for Flagstaff residents at all income levels.