Animal Control

Our department has two dedicated Animal Control Officers, assigned to respond to animal related calls; when either ACO is not working, our patrol officers will respond to the call, based on the current call load and priority levels of incoming or pending calls for service.  

Currently, the City of Flagstaff contracts with High Country Humane for animal related matters.  We recognize High Country Humane (HCH) as the first point of contact for animal management and intake.  One of HCH's primary goals is to ensure animal wellness and owner preparedness to prevent animal/owner separation from occurring; there are several ways HCH may be able to assist an owner in need.  If separation is necessary, HCH works diligently to reduce stress on the animal and owner by proper planning and preparation.   

Additional owner surrender information and resource opportunities from High Country Humane can be reviewed here

As a resident of the City of Flagstaff, if you need to surrender an animal, please fill out the appropriate paperwork (below) and review the HCH policies and requirements listed below:

Cat Surrender Paperwork
Dog Surrender Paperwork

  1. An appointment is required to surrender your pet at High Country Humane (928-526-0742)
  2. Please fill out the appropriate owner surrender form(s) and set up an appointment by calling or emailing 
  3. An HCH manager will contact you within 72 hours to discuss your pets needs and options for surrender.  
  4. High Country Humane only accept pets from residents of the City of Flagstaff or Coconino County.
Surrender Fees:
  • $50 per Adult Dog/Cat
  • $25 per Puppy/Kitten
  • $25 per Small Critter