Meet the Sustainability Team!

Nicole A.

Nicole Antonopoulos (she/her) | Sustainability Director

Contact information:, 928-213-2149/ 928-814-6990

Projects: Nicole currently serves as the Sustainability Director. She works to develop effective programs and policies that catalyze long-term sustainability.  She is responsible for growing the City’s Sustainability Section from the ground up.  Nicole oversees the Office’s five program areas including Community Stewards, Climate Action, Energy Systems, Food Systems, and Waste Prevention. 

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I love harvesting more than 2,500 gallons of rainwater off my roof, heating my water from the sun, and composting my food scraps."

Climate and Energy


Jenny Niemann (she/her) | Climate Program Manager

Contact Information:, 928-213-2150

Projects: Jenny manages the implementation of Flagstaff’s Carbon Neutrality Plan. She works to help City colleagues and community members reduce emissions, make Flagstaff stronger, and improve community equity. She specializes in transportation, land use and green building sustainability issues.

Favorite Sustainable Action:  "I love the freedom that consuming less has given me. It’s given me the permission I needed to say no to things, thrift more, and buy less, and with that I’ve found some peace in our hectic world."

Jenna O.

Jenna Ortega (she/her) | Climate Engagement Coordinator

Contact Information:, 928-213-2145

Projects: As the Climate Engagement Coordinator, Jenna’s work involves developing opportunities, programs, and services that encourage community participation and advance climate action. This includes coordinating educational programs such as Climate Ambassadors and Sustainability Leaders; working alongside the community to identify ways to increase inclusiveness and accessibility; creating Advisory Groups to bring local voices into climate planning; and working to strengthen relationships, trust, and accountability between the City and the people, communities, and businesses it serves.

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I really love foraging, growing, harvesting, and preserving delicious food!"


Gracie Rechkemmer (she/her) | Youth Climate Leadership VISTA

Contact Information:, 319-930-9504

Projects: As the 2022-2023 Youth Climate Leadership VISTA with the Flagstaff Sustainability Office, Gracie is partnering with the Flagstaff United School District to empower students to participate in climate action and STEM education opportunities. In her role, she develops programs and resources to increase access to climate leadership opportunities for underserved students and help students develop a passion for sustainable action!

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I love foraging for delicious and healthy food items, as well as supporting local growers at the farmers’ market."

GP Profile Pic

Genevieve Pearthree, AICP (she/her) | Resilience Analyst

Contact Information:, 928-213-2156

Projects: Genevieve assists in the implementation of Flagstaff’s Carbon Neutrality Plan. She works to develop and implement creative, community-based climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies that also enhance quality of life, equity, and resilience across the entire Flagstaff community. She is a certified planner with expertise in project management, development review, land use, transportation, sustainability, and resilience.

Favorite Sustainable Action: “It is critical to evaluate sustainability and resilience initiatives at different geographic and time scales, and to ask what is being sustained or being made resilient, for how long, and for whom. I bring this lens to my personal actions to reduce my carbon footprint in addition to the work that I do for the City of Flagstaff Sustainability Office.”

Community Stewards, Volunteer Opportunities, and Events

Steve T.

Steve Thompson (he/him) | Volunteer & Event Coordinator

Contact Information:, 928-213-2144

Projects: Steve's position focuses on finding ways to support community volunteers by providing equitable and a variety of opportunities throughout the year where they can make a lasting impact on our beautiful community. 

He works primarily with the Community Stewards Program (Adopt an Ave/Flagstaff Urban Trail System), Anti-litter, and Community Events Initiatives. In addition, Steve helps coordinate the Sustainability Office's signature community events including Earth Day, Lights Out Flagstaff, Make a Difference Day, Fix-it Clinics, Drop Off Days, Home Energy Efficiency workshops, and assists with any sustainability related events!

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I love to walk! Anywhere and everywhere I love to get there by walking...or carpooling....or by using public transportation."


Sanoma Boynton (she/her) | AmeriCorps ELC Member, Stream Stewards Coordinator

Contact information:, 928-213-2153

Projects: Sanoma works with the Stream Stewards Program to coordinate the adoption and stewardship for reaches of the Rio de Flag. She coordinates events including Educational Walks, Invasive Plants Species Workshops and the Summer Watershed Cleanup Series. 

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I enjoy going for walks around town and in the forest. During my walks I like to take pictures of the different types of vegetation I see along the way." 

Waste Reduction and Sustainable Food Systems

kaeli headshot

Kaeli Wells (she/her) | Sustainability Specialist 

Contact information:, 928-856-4432

Projects: Kaeli Wells is a program manager and environmental educator with six years of professional experience in the sustainability field. As the Sustainability Specialist for the City of Flagstaff, she is responsible for managing programs and policies that support waste diversion and sustainable food systems initiatives. Projects include the pay-as-you-throw pilot program, residential food scraps drop-off, and managing the Flagstaff Community Gardens.

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I love recreating responsibly by practicing the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. My favorite principle is "#3: Dispose of Waste Properly", also known as “Pack it in, Pack it out”."

Summer W.

Summer White (she/her) | Waste Reduction & Food Systems Coordinator

Contact information:, 928-213-2146

Projects: As the Waste Reduction and Food Systems Coordinator, Summer assists with the implementation of community-wide efforts that support the intersection of achieving zero waste and creating more localized, equitable, and sustainable access to food.  She supports an effort to reduce overall consumption and waste through increased education around existing recycling services and several composting pilot programs. Additionally, Summer coordinates engagement opportunities through the Community Garden Program and Urban Farm Initiative that aim to promote increased access to locally produced foods. 

Favorite Sustainable Action: "No surprise here, composting! I love watching this natural break down process unfold in such a short amount of time. Composting can reduce waste in the landfill while also revitalizing soils! I'm hooked, especially as a gardener."

Natalie P.

Natalie Pierson (she/her) | Sustainable Food Systems VISTA

Contact Information:, 928-213-2158

Projects: As the 2023 Sustainable Food Systems VISTA, Natalie is absolutely thrilled to help increase access to local, organic, healthy food through the continued development of sustainable food systems in Flagstaff. As a Climate Science and Solutions (CSS) Masters Student at Northern Arizona University, Natalie is excited to incorporate these skills into her work with community gardens, compost hubs, pollinator protection, and community engagement. 

Favorite Sustainable Action: "I really enjoy reducing my waste by using re-usable items, composting, consuming less, and buying second-hand!"