Huntington Drive Waterline Replacement

Project Overview

The Project consists of installing 3,000 LF of new 16” ductile iron waterline, and associated roadway improvements. Included in the project will be new water services, fire hydrants and air release valves. The existing waterline in this area is over 60 years old. This project is part of the City’s ongoing Aging Water Infrastructure Replacement Program.

Cost: $1,135,000

Location: Huntington Drive

Project Manager: Trevor Henry

Timeline: Finalized winter/spring 2022

Contractor: Seller and Sons, Inc.


Periodic Updates

  • May 2022
    • Crews continue to work through punch list items provided by staff.
    • Remaining asphalt work is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10.
  • February 2022
    • Crews continue to work through punch list items provided by staff. A winter shutdown was issued for remaining asphalt work.
  • November 2021
    • Project work has started, the awarded contractor, Sellers and Sons, has mobilized equipment and materials to the site. Potholing investigative work and clearing of the site has begun.    
    • The contractor continues to install the new 16” DIP water line, from Ponderosa Parkway heading east.
    • Utility work within Ponderosa Parkway was completed on October 22, 2021. The final pavement section for Ponderosa Parkway will be placed on October 29, 2021.   
    • Replacement of the water services at the U-Haul parcel has begun and is expected to be complete the week of November 5, 2021.  
    • Phase testing of a portion of the new 16” DIP waterline will take place the week of November 1, 2021. Pressure testing has been completed and passed. Disinfection testing is now in progress and will be completed the week of November 8.
    • The contractor and City continue to coordinate with property owners for the removal of obstructions.
    • Completion of the project is anticipated by spring 2022.