Existing plans and policies

This list is a compilation of existing plans, policies, regulations, and guidelines that directly address or are relevant to walking, bicycling, and active transportation in Flagstaff and the region.   

This information comprises the existing policy and regulatory context for the Active Transportation Master Plan: what policies are in place, how are walking and biking addressed in other planning documents, and what are current regulations and guidelines. 

Plans and documents that are currently in progress are shown in bold.

General or comprehensive plans

Transportation plans

Transit Plans

Neighborhood plans

Topical plans

Area multimodal plans

Corridor studies

Statewide pedestrian and bicycle plans

Bicycle plans 

Trail plans

Design guidelines

City regulations and standards

City Council budget goals

ADOT pedestrian and bicycle policies

  • 107.1 – Bicycle Facilities
  • 107.2 – Pedestrian Facilities
  • 107.3 - Accessibility
  • 4. Multimodal Facilities Policy
  • 6. Public Transportation Policy
  • 7. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Policy