Stormwater Rate Adjustment

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The City of Flagstaff has maintained a separate stormwater utility since 2003, which is funded primarily by a stormwater utility rate assessed on an Equivalent Rate Unit (ERU) basis. The current stormwater rate of $3.74/ERU generates just over $4M in revenue annually and was set in 2018 to provide debt servicing associated with the Rio de Flag Flood Control Project and to supplement the existing Stormwater Capital Improvement Program. Several events since the most recent rate adjustment have combined to make the current stormwater rate insufficient to meet current and future community needs. These events include post-wildfire flood mitigation needs, critical infrastructure upsizing needs in multiple drainage areas, deferred CIP projects identified in the 2010 Northeast Area Master Drainage Study, and rapidly increasing materials and construction costs worldwide. In this study, we intend to assess the overall financial condition of the stormwater utility and develop the appropriate rates to meet those needs.