Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program


The Flagstaff Police Department Chaplaincy program was developed for the purpose of serving the employees of the Flagstaff Police Department as well as other law enforcement agencies, and our community.


Law Enforcement Chaplains work with law enforcement and fire service personnel on a professional level providing Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) response, post-traumatic counseling, and other support necessary in crisis related events.

Law Enforcement Chaplains provide immediate confidential, personal and family counseling, within the framework of non-denominational spiritual guidance to any law enforcement officer, fire fighter, and their family. Law Enforcement Chaplains provide this optional personal resource not only to these officers and firefighters but also to all department employees and their families as well.

Law Enforcement Chaplains respond to counsel, assist, and support victims and witnesses of critical incidents, crisis, and other traumatic events. Chaplains are specially trained in handling these situations and are available to provide follow-up counseling and intervention for the people of Flagstaff.


The duties of Law Enforcement Chaplains generally coincide with these activities:

  1. Assist department officials in making death notifications
  2. Ceremonies such as graduations, banquets, weddings, etc.
  3. Officer deaths, funerals, and memorials on-duty, off-duty, or retired personnel
  4. Critical incident (CISM) debriefing
  5. Help with family members of departmental personnel
  6. Represent the department before official bodies upon request
  7. Respond to major disasters/Liaison with relief agencies as requested
  8. Visit sick or injured personnel at home or in the hospital
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