Councilmember Lori Matthews

Councilmember Lori Matthews was elected to City Council 2022.


Lori earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2007 while continuing her career as a business relationship manager and commercial lender.   Lori moved to Flagstaff in 2011 to be closer to her aging parents as well as her grandchildren who live in the Phoenix area.   Lori immediately got involved in the Flagstaff community and joined the Board of Directors for the Flagstaff Shelter Services (FSS).  In 2013 after Lori ended a successful career in business banking, she decided to start a business consulting firm providing chief financial officer services to small and mid-sized businesses.  At the same time the FSS was challenged to fill the Executive Director position, so she volunteered to serve as Interim Executive Director while a nationwide search was conducted to permanently fill this position.  During this time, Lori raised funds beyond the prior budget goals which allowed the shelter to extend its overnight services year-round and extend its services to women for the first time in its history.  During her time at FSS Lori identified a gap in services provided to the homeless working poor.

In 2015, Lori started ANEW Living- a transitional housing program for the homeless working poor.  ANEW Living enjoys an annual 85% success rate in ending their client’s homelessness as they move up and into permanent housing after completing their program. Lori retired from her consulting firm in 2019.

Personal note

I have always had a passion for serving my community which inspired me to run for Flagstaff City council.  I have always had an open-door policy.  I am very accessible and willing to listen to anyone’s ideas, concerns, or complaints if it is presented respectfully and constructively.  City Council members are representatives of the community they serve.   We can only achieve unity if we continue to listen to our community as a whole.

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    Lori Matthews

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  2. Doris Mensah

    Executive Assistant to the Council