Short Term Rental License

License and Draft Ordinance

The City of Flagstaff is developing a short-term rental (STR) license that, once implemented, will be required by all STR owners to operate an STR within Flagstaff city limits. In addition to the creation of a license, the City is developing an ordinance that also includes other elements, such as required emergency contact information, a potential license fee, license approval and denial criteria and grounds for license suspension. It is important to note that any future STR-related ordinance passed by the Flagstaff City Council will only effect STRs located within Flagstaff City limits.

State Laws on Short-Term Rentals

In July of 2022, the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 1168, which, among other things, allows Arizona cities and towns to require a license to operate an STR within their physical boundaries. The bill does not allow cities and town to limit the number or density of STRs in their communities. On Oct. 11, 2022, the Flagstaff City Council directed city staff to begin the process of drafting an STR-related ordinance to include the regulations permitted through Senate Bill 1168. 

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