Flagstaff Municipal Court Project

Marie Jones Artist Statement

David McIntire Reads Among Trees  

Rose Toehe Reads Remember

Largely complete, Among Trees, by local artist Marie Jones, graces Beaver Street at the new municipal courthouse, located at 101 W. Cherry Avenue. The artwork is made with water-jet cut Corten Steel, which naturally rusts over time, and blue, yellow, and green powder-coated aluminum panels. The theme, recognizing the draw of the forest in Flagstaff, is the experience of being among the pines. The artwork takes a human, eye-level perspective. From the street, the rich color peeks through rusted steel to portray abstracted patterning that reflects the feeling of being and moving among the pines. The morning sun brightens the color and the afternoon shadow deepens it, while the lights at night emphasize the abstract patterns. For the pedestrian viewer, a Wendell Berry poem, "I Go Among Trees"*, cut into the rusted steel, reveals itself. Though we find our own meanings in poetry, the suggestion of facing concerns and recovering personal peace is beautifully told, and possibly relevant and comforting to anyone headed to court. For those not entering but just passing by, it may simply speak to how the forest resets us after a long day or week.  

Courthouse Photo

*"I Go Among Trees" by Wendell Berry, © 2013 From This Day: Sabbath Poems Collected and New 1979-2013; Permission of Counterpoint Press.