Inner Basin Waterline Restoration Project

Project Overview

This project consists of repairing damages inflicted on the Inner Basin waterline by the Pipeline Fire in 2022.

Cost: Estimated $16.1 million

Location: Waterline Road (FS146) and Schultz Pass Road (FS420)

Project Manager: David Pedersen, Capital Improvements Engineering, City of Flagstaff

Timeline: Estimated completion: Summer 2025

Contractor: Hunter Contracting Company

Design Engineer:  Jacobs Engineering

***Waterline Road remains impassable and is close to motorized travel, recreationalists, and the public due to active construction and heavy equipment traffic***

Inner Basin Waterline damage after the Pipeline Fire

Periodic Updates

  • August 2023
    • On the afternoon of August 1, spring water from the Inner Basin began to flow into the City of Flagstaff water distribution system for the first time since the Pipeline Fire and following monsoon season flooding events compromised the infrastructure. 
    • The repair and restoration of the waterline was the first repair priority for this project and was accomplished ahead of schedule. 
    • City Council approved GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) 3, in the amount of $2,425,978.03, which will provide funding for the design engineer (Jacobs Engineering) to complete the design work. This GMP also provides funding for continued maintenance repair and road maintenance to the project repair sites. 
  • July 2023
    1. City Council approved the contract with Switzer-Wesnitzer Inc. (SWI) in the amount of $499,520 for construction inspection services. This contract will provide an engineering inspector to be on-site to provide daily inspections and certify the work is being completed in accordance with applicable standards and specifications.
  • May 2023
    1. City Council approved GMP 2, in the amount of $3,220,380.87, which allows Jacobs Engineering to continue design work to the 90-percent level. This GMP also will include some funding for the maintenance repair services of Waterline Road and access thereto. 
  • January 2023
    • City Council approved the Design-Build Services Agreement with Hunter Contracting Co. and a Design Phase Services GMP1 contract (Guaranteed Maximum Price) in the amount of $189,694.