Cyclists and Pedestrians

Cyclists and Pedestrians


During winter storm events, the Streets Section provides ice monitoring and periodic application of abrasives (cinders) to bridges, major hills, intersections, railroad crossings, shaded locations, and other problem areas. After storm events, the Streets Section continues to provide community sweeping and clean-up efforts to help clear abrasives from the roadways with emphasis on bike lanes and intersections.

Streets and bike lanes are plowed, cindered, and swept based on their location in the City. First priority areas consist of Main Arterials, Major Hills, Downtown, Mountain Line Transit Routes, and School Bus Routes. All other streets are considered second priority areas (residential streets and cul-de-sacs). After first priority routes have been plowed, cindered, or swept, secondary routes are addressed by our Snow Operations crews. Secondary routes are not plowed until first priorities are completed and more than four (4) inches of snow have accumulated on residential roadways.

The Streets section understands the importance of providing safe cycling opportunities, when feasible. Bicycle lanes are addressed as time allows as vehicle lanes are initially cleared during winter storm events. Please be advised that streets may require several runs from plows and sweepers to completely clear the roadways of snow, ice, or cinders due to the timing/severity of a storm. Cyclists are asked to remain alert while commuting in the City of Flagstaff during the winter season, to allow extra time for travel, and to consider alternate transportation routes if necessary. Cyclists are encouraged to consider utilizing vehicle lanes if necessary to avoid minor ice or cinder build-up in the bike lanes as our department continues to monitor and mitigate impacts from storm events to roadways. If vehicle lanes cannot safely be utilized, cyclists may consider standing up on bicycle pedals as hazards are navigated for better control. 

Additional resources for cyclists are available at the Bicycle Program and Bicycle Safety Tips webpages.


For the safety of pedestrians, property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow, ice, or other obstructions no later than 24 hours after the accumulation (City Code 8-03-001-0004 – Removal of Snow or Ice). Additional information is provided in the Clearing Sidewalks section below.

The City advises pedestrians to remain alert while walking during/after winter storm events by walking slowly in areas that appear icy and wearing appropriate footwear that provides traction assistance.

Additional resources for pedestrians are available at the Pedestrian Program webpage.