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Are you looking for a new opportunity that allows you to pursue your career while making an impact in the Flagstaff community? Do you appreciate an inclusive, team-oriented workplace that supports work-life balance? Do you want security that comprehensive benefits and a state retirement plan can provide? Join Team Flagstaff!

We check all the boxes.

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☑️ Work-Life Balance

The City of Flagstaff recognizes that happy and healthy employees are quality employees. As a part of Team Flagstaff, you will be encouraged to use your paid time off to rest and recharge, spend time with family, or take a sick day if you are under the weather. Many positions offer telework opportunities to support work-life balance.

☑️ Cool Culture

Team Flagstaff offers an inclusive, collaborative, and innovative culture. You will fit right in!

☑️ State Retirement

Our state retirement plans help you maintain your standard of living in retirement. Group pension plans provide guaranteed monthly income for life, which makes financial security in retirement much more achievable.

☑️ Healthcare Benefits

The City of Flagstaff offers competitive medical, dental, and vision coverage along with voluntary benefits such as disability insurance, life insurance, and supplemental retirement. You know your bases are covered as a City employee.

Medical: There are 3 different BCBS plans to choose from to suit the needs of you and your family. Our most affordable plan is FREE to the employee!

The City offers tiered coverage options to fit your needs:

  • Employee Only
  • Employee + 1
  • Employee + Family

FSA and HSA are available and help reduce tax liability.

Dental: The City offers comprehensive dental insurance through Delta Dental. The employee is covered on our dental plan at no cost!

Vision: The City offers two vision plans through VSP to meet your needs. Our most affordable plan is FREE to the employee!     

Voluntary Benefits: Other voluntary benefits include disability insurance, life insurance, and supplemental retirement. The City of Flagstaff provides every employee with a basic life insurance policy at no cost to the employee, equivalent to their annual salary. 

☑️ Employee Health Clinic

The VERA Whole Health Clinic is the City’s offsite primary care health clinic and is available to employees, spouses, and dependents age 3+ who have elected City medical insurance. During your benefits waiting period, you can visit VERA. Depending on the type of visit and medical plan, your appointment may be FREE.

☑️ Paid Time Off

Vacation package: The City offers paid vacation time ranging from 11 to 31 days per year and varies based on years of related experience. 

11 Paid Holidays: Employees are paid for 11 holidays per year, including one floating holiday that may be used anytime each calendar year.

Paid Parental Leave: The City offers 4 weeks of PAID parental leave to eligible employees. 

Sick Leave: The City offers 12 paid sick days per year to employees. New employees have 6 days to use within their first 6 months of employment.

Bereavement Leave: Benefit-eligible employees may be granted up to five workdays of bereavement leave in the event of the death of a member of an employee's immediate family.   

☑️ Wellness Program & Incentives

The City offers a wellness program to support you in your wellness goals. Participation in the program earns you a discount on health insurance premiums and a $120 cash incentive!

☑️ First-Time Homebuyer Assistance

The City of Flagstaff will provide up to $10,000 per household to eligible employees to be used for down payment and/or closing costs on the purchase of a home.

☑️ Student Loan Forgiveness

The City of Flagstaff is a Qualified Public Student Loan Forgiveness Employer!

☑️ Tuition Assistance

The City supports continuing education and offers a Tuition Assistance Program for college-level classes through certain accredited colleges or universities.

☑️ Employee Assistance Program

Employees and their families can receive confidential, free counseling services for a wide range of personal or workplace issues.

☑️ Tobacco Cessation Program

 The City provides a tobacco cessation program and will reimburse for a cessation program, products, and related assistance.


For more details about the benefits available to City employees, visit our benefits website.