Butler-Fourth Improvements Project

Project Overview

The Butler-Fourth Improvements Project is a combined project formerly shown as the Butler Avenue Widening and Butler-4th Intersection Reconstruction projects. The project is in the vicinity of Butler Avenue and Fourth Street in Flagstaff, Arizona, and can be generally described as a roadway, stormwater, and utility improvements project. 

The project consists of widening Butler Avenue from Little America to Sinagua Heights Subdivision and widening Fourth Street from Warm Springs Trail/Sparrow Avenue to the upcoming Canyon Del Rio development south of Butler Avenue. 

Several intersections, new and existing, will be impacted along Butler Avenue. The Herold Ranch Road intersection will be re-aligned and converted to a roundabout. The Butler Avenue and Fourth Street intersection will consider a roundabout vs signalized intersection and will be raised to reduce flooding impacts from Spruce Avenue Wash.

The project will include ITS (Fiber Optic Conduit) facilities and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian treatments, including off-street bike lanes and sidewalks within project limits.  

Finally, this project will likely have several utility relocations, possible pipe upsizing, and significant stormwater infrastructure improvements. This project will be delivered through the Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) project delivery process.

Project Cost and Funding

The project is funded by the City of Flagstaff Transportation Tax Proposition 403, which was approved by voters in May of 2000, and Proposition 419, which was approved by voters in November of 2018.

The total project cost is currently estimated at $18 million. The approved budget for fiscal year 2024 is $2,087,231.00 from the Transportation Tax- Roadway, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Safety Improvements –Street Widening- Butler-Fourth Improvements appropriations. Future years provide $15,749,111 in additional funding for total appropriations of $17,836,342. Project funding also includes in lieu cash contributions for edge improvements or water system upgrades from private developments along this corridor.

Project map

Butler-Fourth 2

Off-street bike lanes and sidewalks

Proposed roadway design

City Council Design Alternatives Discussion - November 7, 2023

Public Meeting Presentation

Public Meeting Q&A